Hanging Crystals in Windows

Hanging Crystals in Windows – Does It Bring Positive Energy?

Have you seen people hanging crystals in their windows? Don’t be surprised to see that because many crystal lovers or Feng Shui enthusiasts believe you can harness good energy into the home or office.

These crystals are also sometimes known as the sun-catcher. However, the core principle of attracting good Feng Shui is avoiding over-cluttering and having a good balance of the crystals used.

What are the Different Types of Hanging Crystals?

You can find many kinds of hanging crystals selling in the gemstone market. The most popular ones are the quartz family, such as clear quartz. Some people use multi-faceted round crystals to hang in the window of a room to tap and harness the favourable chi energy.

1. To Mitigate Against Exterior Sha Qi

Suppose you look out from your windows and discover a sharp corner of a building or structure pointing directly at you. In that case, many Feng Shui experts consider as an unfavourable poison arrow.

You can place a hanging crystal in the windows to defend and disperse the negative energy in this situation.

2. Facing a Road with Rushing Chi

T-Junction is a typical scenario that creates rushing energy into your house. In addition, it causes instability in the energy field of the surrounding. Hence some practitioners believe that placing a crystal at the window’s entry point can help slow down the fast Chi gushing into the house.

3. Place it at your Work or Study Area

If you need an energy boost or to improve your focus, placing a hanging crystal at the windows near your desk can help.

Hanging Crystals in Windows Faceted


4. Make Dark Areas Brighter

You can hang a faceted crystal in the window of a dark room to invite more sun rays to make the space brighter. It will help improve the energy in this environment, encouraging positivity and good luck.

What Are The Other Benefits of Hanging a Crystal?

Apart from the role of a Feng Shui energy cure, you can also hang a crystal at the windows to make the space more beautiful with the reflection of the prism. It also brings in more light and amplifies positivity into the living space.

If you have decided to hang the crystal in the windows, remember to cleanse them and sunbathe them for a few hours before use. By doing so, the old energies will be removed and recharged with new and positive ones.



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