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3 Unspoken Iron Tree Plant Placement Rules For Good Feng Shui

The Iron Tree plant, Dracaena Fragrans 铁树, is a popular houseplant that has been widely used in Chinese culture for centuries as a symbol of good fortune. Besides that, it is believed to ward off bad luck and is easy to maintain.

Many people are unaware of the reasoning behind iron tree placement in Feng Shui. Although it is one of the most common items in a house, many people do not realise the vital piece of the puzzle. You need to strategically place the plant to maximise the effect for good Feng Shui.

Where and When Should We Place an Iron Tree Plant?

If you face some Feng Shui challenges that you cannot change, placing this particular plant at home can help mitigate the situation based on your intention.

1. Place Iron Tree Plant Outside The Main Door For Protection

This plant is said to defend your house from external negative energy. For example, if you have a main door facing a sharp wall corner, this plant comes in handy. Place it at the wall corner to block the negative energy.

2. Natural Resolution Against Internal Bad Forms

The iron plant tree is suitable for covering internal structures that generate poison arrows because of its vast size. Placing it at the wall corner helps conceal the sharp edge that causes the poison arrow, but it can also act as a beautiful modern home decoration.

3. Place in the Optimal Sector To Attract Good Fortune

Some Feng Shui enthusiasts believed that you should place the iron plant trees or any other natural plants in specific house sectors for good luck. They are the East, South, Southeast and north sectors of the house because it is closely associated with their Feng Shui element.

Why Some People Advocate Against Placing Iron Plant Tree at Home?

However, another group of practitioners advise against placing this plant at home. They believe it is bad Feng Shui and has some taboos. Here are some of them:

– Do not place it on the balcony because it can affect the light source and energy flow coming into the house. A bright living room can bring good luck to the family, while a dark one negatively impacts health.

– Do not place it in the bedroom because it can negatively affect your sleep quality.




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