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7 Interesting Ways To Use Faceted Crystal For Good Feng Shui

A faceted crystal sphere is one of the most commonly used powerful fixes for Feng Shui challenges. In addition, many people believe that crystals have healing properties and can help us bring peace and balance into our lives.

Furthermore, it can redirect and change the energy in the room. Therefore, we place it at home to disperse the negative energy in the affected areas. Besides that, it can also activate and enhance the energy of any sector in your home or office.

In addition, it is also a lovely home decor which people usually hang on a window. It catches the sunlight and forms a beautiful rainbow to project and lift energy into a room with positive vibes.

What is Faceted Crystal?

Faceted crystals are a type of crystal cut into a variety of shapes. They are usually cut with facets on the surface, which can be seen when the light shines.

The word facet comes from the Latin word, facies, which means “face.” The term is used in various contexts, including in gemology, to describe a type of crystal cut into different shapes, such as round or square. Faceted crystals may have smooth or crystalline surfaces with many small facets (called “inclusions”) or irregularly shaped surfaces with fewer but larger facets.

Where To Place Faceted Crystal For Good Feng Shui?

According to some Feng Shui experts, placing crystals in specific locations will bring good fortune and luck. So, the first step to placing faceted crystals is to find out where they should go in your home or office. Let’s explore the areas.

1. Migitate Poison Arrows / Bad Energy From Angled Corners of Furnitures

Feng Shui practitioners typically used the faceted crystal to neutralize the Sha Qi created by sharp corners of furniture or wall. We must take special care if this negative energy is directed into the space where we spend the most time. It can be the working desk, bed or main door.

2. Feng Shui Cure For Annual Flying Star Quarrelsome Star #03  

This star brings along negative energy that creates disputes or misunderstandings caused by rumours and unstable emotions. Thus, it will lead to disharmony in the family if you spend too much time in the afflicted area.

If you refer to the Flying Star 2023 chart, the quarrelsome star #03 is in the Southeast sector this year. Some practitioners advise placing a red crystal in this afflicted sector to minimize negative energy and help nurture peace and harmony.


3. Delay Fast Gushing Chi

Opening your main door and seeing a long corridor or staircase within a few steps creates a fast energy flow. Hanging a faceted crystal at the bottom of the stairs can help to redirect the energy to other areas.

4. Remedy for Quarrelsome Doors

The faceted crystal ball comes in handy if you face a situation where two doors face each other directly in a straight line. This layout is known as the quarrelsome doors.

For example, if the bedroom door faces the kitchen, it will cause the person staying in the room to be easily hot-tempered. You can hang the faceted ball between the two entrances to mitigate these Feng Shui challenges.

5. Improve Concentration in Studies

If you are still pursuing academic success, you can hang or place a faceted crystal in your study room. Many people believe it keeps you focused and thus improves your intellectual capability.

6. Hang In The Car For Protection

Hanging a faceted crystal ball in your car helps disperse negative energy exerted in the surrounding environment. In addition, it will help to clear the energy and enhance travel luck to minimize the probability of accidents.

7. Fix Negative Energy Created From Slanted Ceiling

If you are sleeping in a bedroom with a slanted ceiling, it can cause insomnia and health problems. Besides using bamboo flutes, you can also use a faceted crystal as the Feng Shui remedy.

After you have purchased the crystal, it is advisable to wash your crystal thoroughly and let it sit in the sunlight for at least 4 hours before using. This procedure will disperse or remove the energy of the previous owner.

It also re-charges it with the positive sun energy, so are you ready to use this faceted crystal to enhance the space you want?



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