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Why You Must Remove Mirror Behind the Couch For Good Feng Shui?

“Do not have a mirror behind the couch!” You might have heard from many Feng Shui experts about this rule, but do you know why is it so?

Many people love using mirrors as home decorations to incorporate into the current interior design, which has been trending in recent years. The apparent reason is that mirrors help to make the house look more spacious and visually appealing.

If you intend to install mirrors at home, there are many mirror placements to consider. Many Feng Shui practitioners have cautioned against hanging a mirror behind a couch among these placements.

So let’s further understand the rationale behind it.

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Why Mirror Behind the Couch Considered as Bad Feng Shui?

1. No Heavy Stuff, Please!

To embrace good Feng Shui in our living space, we must always feel safe and secure to stay in the house comfortably. Hanging heavy objects behind a couch or bed often gives people a feeling of oppression and insecurity.

We tend to have unnecessary worries about objects dropping onto us. Unfortunately, this negative thought will linger in our subconscious minds and cause uneasiness that might affect our health in the long run.

2. No Mirror or Window Behind The Sofa

We all need a solid wall backing behind the crucial pieces of furniture in our house, like a couch, bed, or study desk. It symbolizes gaining support from benefactors in life.

However, placing a mirror or having a window at this location will visually cause the wall to disappear. Moreover, it implies no backing and support from any noblemen.

In conclusion, mirrors can invite good energy, but at the same time, they can also bring in unfavourable ones. Therefore, we need to use them sparingly and ensure the correct placement.



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