Feng Shui Tips For The Bedroom

7 Feng Shui Tips For The Shrinking Bedroom You Can’t Ignore

In recent years, our apartments or houses have been shrinking, so many of us have had challenges organizing these small spaces, especially our bedrooms. A bedroom is a place in the house for rest, rejuvenation and romance, so it is essential to inject good Feng Shui into this pint-sized room.

The things we put into this room, the number and the placement play a considerable potent role in our emotional health and relationship. For example, you will feel stressed if you have clutter in the room. On the other hand, a spick and span bedroom uplift the spirit with positivity.

So let’s apply these Feng Shui tips to your small bedroom.

1. Using Mirror Strategically

Many experts advised against putting the mirror in the bedroom because it practically reflects everything in the small space. However, it is impractical to remove it from the room entirely.

So you can hang the mirror inside the cupboard so it will not be exposed. In this way, you can have the best of two worlds.

2. Choose Your Furnitures Wisely

Selecting the right piece of furniture for this tiny space is essential. Do not have an oversized bed or squeeze a massage chair into this small room. Besides negatively influencing the energy flow, this configuration also affects accessibility and movement.

You can also buy multi-functional furniture or hidden storage to utilise the space.

3. Place your Bed in the Most Optimal Position

Many Feng Shui experts will advise placing the bed in the command position, but finding it in a pint-size bedroom poses a challenge. Remember that you cannot achieve perfect Feng Shui, so choose the most conducive bed position you are comfortable.

For example, if your bed faces the toilet or bedroom door, close it when sleeping. Sleeping behind closed doors makes you feel more secure and brings you peace of mind.

In another situation, use curtains to overcome this challenge if you are sleeping with a leg facing the windows.

Feng Shui Tips For The Small Bedroom


4.Use Feng Shui Friendly Colour

Soft-toned and earthy colours are the best choice to create an excellent Feng Shui bedroom. You can use these colours for bedding, pillow case, rugs and wall colour.

Avoid bright and stimulating colours such as red at all costs because they make it hard to fall asleep.

5. Utilize Natural Lighting

Good lighting is crucial for making a small space visually feel more spacious. So ideally, try to allow as much natural sunlight into the area to embrace the fresh energy.

Alternatively, use lamps instead if your small bedroom does not allow natural lighting.

6. Minimalist is the Key to Good Feng Shui in Small Space

You should ensure that the room is free of clutter and only keep essential items. Accumulating unwanted stuff and clutter makes it hard for your body to rest well and might cause mental health issues.

7. Attract Positive Vibes with Crystals

The bedroom is an intimate space and needs energetic harmony to feel calm and safe. You can leverage the power of crystals to achieve a unified energy field.

Purple amethyst is the top choice because it can keep the mind at peace. So it allows you to go into deep sleep without much distraction.

However, choose rose quartz crystal instead if you are looking for romance and affection.

Opt for a Himalayan salt lamp if you are not a crystal lover. It helps you combat EMF emitted from any electronic device while sleeping. In addition, it also aids in decreasing stress levels, uplifting your mood and enhancing sleep.



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