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Should You Buy A Cul De Sac House – Is It Good or Bad Feng Shui? 

You might have heard before that a house at the T-Junction or dead-end is bad Feng Shui. How about Cul De Sac? People love to live in such locations because they have more privacy and are safer due less traffic, but is this the case?

What is a Cul de Sac House?

It is a circular dead-end street with a roundabout driveway, meaning that there is only one entrance and exit. There will be one or more surrounding houses facing the doughnut-shaped centre.

Why is Cul De Sac Bad Feng Shui?

Many people deemed that the Cul De Sac house is bad Feng Shui. It is because of the stagnant or fast-moving energy flow, depending on the external factors. They are often called dead ends, and living in such houses can drain your life’s energy.

Cul De Sac House dead end


What are Cul De Sac Feng Shui Cures?

– Install lovely landscaping and a curvy path decorated with trees and flowers in front of the house. It will help to slow down the energy flow directed into the house.

– If possible, move your main door to avoid the energy gushing into your house.

– It is good to locate your bedroom in the back section of the house to enjoy a better rest without being affected by any movement outside.

– Install an outdoor water fountain or other water features to accumulate the Qi. Ensure the direction of the water is flowing towards your house, which symbolizes welcoming wealth and prosperity. Do not place it in the opposite direction because it implies leaking wealth.

– Some choose to hang a Ba Gua mirror to reflect the negative rushing energy. You can commonly see this cure in situations with Feng Shui challenges like a T-Junction or main door facing directly neighbour door.



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