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6 Top Most Powerful Good Luck Charms For Wealth Luck

Do you know the most powerful good luck charms that can help to bring good luck and attract wealth to you?

These 5 most powerful good luck charms, especially Feng Shui ornaments for wealth are quite commonly seen and we are sure you must have either heard of it or even applying them yourself, so which lucky charm you should have acquired to benefit from the positive Qi flow.

1. Lucky Chinese Emperor Coins

In Chinese culture, these Chinese emperor coins, usually in a set of 3,5,6 or 9 are being considered as a symbol that can attract wealth and prosperity. 

To boost your luck, you can also put these a set of 3 coins into your wallet/purse so that you can bring them along wherever you go.

2. The Three-legged Toad

This legendary creature, the Three-legged Toad is a one of the most popular symbol that is believed by many people that it can help its owner to accumulate wealth and enhance windfall luck. But you must also know how to choose and where to place this lucky charm in order to maximise its effect.

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3. Laughing Buddha

One of the most commonly used Feng Shui cures is the Laughing Buddha, also known as Buddha of Happiness. He is a symbol of almost everything in life like joy, well being, children, health and wealth.

Where to place the Laughing Buddha? It can be place anywhere in the home except the bathroom and toilet. One of the most recommended Feng Shui locations for a Laughing Buddha is in your living room/ money area or main foyer where you can see it first when you first step into your home, creating a positive vibe in your main entrance. 

4. Lucky Fortune Cat

Fortune cat has always been commonly known and used as the Feng Shui auspicious ornament to attract wealth luck and business, especially in the retail stores. In the world of geomancy, there are meanings behind the colour of the cat and also the left/right raised paws, do you know the meaning behind it? Check this out!


5. Feng Shui Wealth Ship

This wealth ship is a highly sought enhancer of Feng Shui, especially for placement in the homes and business. It is believed to attract wealth luck and good fortune and also enhance the abilities of your business and profits too. It is a usual practice for people to choose to load the ship fully with gold ingots and coins.

6. Gem Tree

Feng shui gem trees, aka feng shui crystal trees are a commonly seen symbol in homes that is believed to Feng Shui for money luck. There are many colors in the market, but citrine is the color that people go for if they are looking to enhance their wealth luck.




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