Deciphering Meaning of Eyelid Twitching Superstition

There is a Chinese ancient saying and eyelid twitching superstition that is “左眼跳财, 右眼跳灾” / “左吉,右凶”, meaning that if your left eye twitch, it indicate good fortune is coming, while if your right eye twitch, it is an indication of bad luck, but how true is this?

Meaning of eyelid twitching superstition at different time of the day

PeriodMeaning (Left Eye)Meaning (Right Eye)
2300hrs to 0100hrsIt means good fortune and a noblemen will come to see you. You will be invited to a party or feast.
0100hrs to 0300hrsProblems will surfaced and leave you worried.Someone is thinking of you.
0300hrs to 0500hrsIt means that a distant friend will come and visit you.Expect family happy events to happen.
0500hrs to 0700hrsA special and important long-lost guest that you have not seen for a while will come.Everything will go smoothly to your plan.
0700hrs to 0900hrsA close friend will come from distant.Chances of slight injury is high.
0900hrs to 1100hrsIt means someone is going to treat you but with a favour in return.Be safe when driving as chance of accident is higher.
1100hrs to 1300hrsExpect reward from your hard work and enjoy the fulfilment.Do more good and charitable deed to build good karma.
1300hrs to 1500hrsEverything will go as planned and remember to take any opportunities along the way.You will be delighted over a small success achieved.
1500hrs to 1700hrsYou will lose money so do not gamble.You will be thinking of your loved one very much.
1700hrs to 1900hrsYou will be approached for your help from your closed one, so extend your assistance within your means.Same as left eye meaning, but it will be from a distant friend.
1900hrs to 2100hrsYou might get quick tempered and have argument with others.Good luck fall upon you and you might have unexpected gains.
2100hrs to 2300hrsThis denotes a family get together, remember to stay harmonious and avoid any heated argumentTake extra caution when signing contracts to avoid any future lawsuit problems

If you are one that does not believe in superstitions, there might be some medical causes for eye twitching including: 

  • Lack of sleep
  • Stress and fatigue
  • Vision issues
  • Air Pollution that irritate your eye
  • Overdoes of alcohol and caffeine
  • Eye allergies




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