Month: March 2016

2016 Suitable Dates For Qing Ming Tomb Sweeping (Fruits Symbolic Meaning Included)

清明节, Qing Ming Festival is one of the major events in the Chinese tradition where the descendant pay respect to their ancestors and also clean the tomb. It is important to choose a suitable or auspicious dates from the  almanac calendar for the tomb sweeping. Here are some dates for your reference. Gregorian CalendarLunar CalendarTimingZodiac to Avoid 26 March 2016 (Sat)18 Feb7 to 8 amOx 27 March 2016 (Sun)19 Feb7 to 8 amDragon 30 March 2016 (Wed)22 Feb7 to 8 amSnake 5 April 2016 (Tue)28 Feb7 to 8 amPig 8 April 2016 (Fri)2 Mar7 to 8 amTiger 12 April 2016 (Tue)6...

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Where is The Feng Shui Wealth Location (财位) in Your Home?

Everyone always hope to attract more wealth and windfall luck in our life and one of the basic Feng Shui principle is to locate your wealth location (财位) in your home and apply Feng Shui cure or remedies/ enhancer to improve your wealth luck. So firstly, how do I locate the wealth location in my home? The primary wealth position is the location that is 45 degree opposite your main door while the secondary wealth position is the one opposite the primary one. So what is next? Once you know your home wealth position, check out the do’s and don’ts...

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Must Read Feng Shui Tips For Good Health (with Illustrations)

Facebook Google+ Pinterest Advertisement Facebook Google+ Pinterest If your health is not as good as you would like, or a loved one’s health need attention, here are a few tips to Feng Shui a good health. 1. Avoid placing your dining table facing directly to the toilet door – negative energy or smelly stink will pose as a health and hygiene problem for the family. Facebook Google+ Pinterest 2. Do not combine the dining area and kitchen together – in the long period of cooking, fumes and gas are accumulated and will cause health issue, especially to the stomach....

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Feng Shui Color Guide To Harmonize Your Life

Did you know that colors play a big role in our mood and psyche? That’s right! Having the right colors around you––whether it’s in your home, office, patio, bedroom or wardrobe––can make a huge difference. Feng shui takes the use of color to the next level, where each color brings the desired feng shui energies to create harmony and balance. So how do you feng shui your surroundings to create the ideal atmosphere you want? We’ve created a simple color wheel guide using five basic colors to help you––whether you’re orienting the decor in your home, organizing your workspace,...

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Zodiac 2018 Ranking

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