Feng Shui Beginner is an online platform that researches, collates and compile any useful information on the topic of geomancy. We always bear in mind with the objective to make Feng Shui more fun and easy for everyone to learn.  Key points are highlighted to  replace lengthy paragraph, pictures and photo to replace tons of words. In additional, we also have a video channel to share on the popular and useful Feng Shui talk shows or variety shows.

Since Feng Shui is an ancient art of the East, most of the materials or resources are in the form of Chinese characters, therefore through this website, we aimed to put most of our content in English so that this magic can be shared with all friends out there.

We will wish to embark on this magical journey and grow together with everyone out there, regardless if you are just a beginner or an advanced practitioner in Feng Shui realm. Please kindly feel free to drop us any feedbacks or tips that you want to share via our contact page.

Enjoy reading and benefits from apply Feng Shui in your life!


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