Have you even seen a $1 Singapore coin? It is hexagon shaped. The one dollar coin is inscribed with an octagon, which looks like a Chinese Bagua. It seems that the Feng Shui masters in Singapore said that the construction of the MRT tunnels through downtown Singapore would have a negative effect on the country and her people. To counter this, they recommended that every household display a bagua to negate this. As there were many locals who did not adhere to this Chinese belief, the hexagon shaped design was incorporated into the one dollar coin. Hearsay has it that Singapore’s senior minister, Lee Kwan Yew who is a firm believer in Feng Shui was told by fortune tellers that his dynasty would remain in power as long as the octagon was spread throughout Singapore. 

This is just part one. Find out about Singapore $1 Coin Part 1 here, but today i will share with you on Part 2.

There is another story about Mr Lee again making some changes on the face of the one dollar coin to correct the Feng Shui of his country’s economy.

Singapore 1 Dollar Coin

Ever spotted the difference?

I wonder how many of you noticed the differences between a more dated $1 coin and one that is more recently created.

I’m sure most of us know that MM Lee is a believer of fengshui. Besides the octagonal shape of our $1 coin, there’s something else people missed out.

Take a look at the close up of this coin dated 1989:

Singapore 1 Dollar Coin 1989

That was how the back of our $1 coin looked. Notice the banner right above “1989″ and the invisible arc line formed between the animals’ heads – they are both arched downwards.
Singapore 1 Dollar Coin Frowning Face

After some advice from the Shi Fu, take a look at the change in the coin again. You notice it? How does it look to you?

It sure looks like a smiley face to me.

By the way, who know the exact answers to the reason of the change in the coin?

Singapore 1 Dollar Coin HAppy Face

Please share your version of this story if you have one.

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