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Bamboo Flute Feng Shui Remedy Use and Placement Tips

Have you ever seen a bamboo flute hanging in a house and wondered if it is for decorating or Feng Shui’s purpose?

Bamboo flutes are tools believed to expel negative energy and bring good luck. The Chinese word for a bamboo flute is called “Xiao”. In Chinese, this pronunciation resembles the Chinese word meaning “to cut/slice/dissolve/reduce”. It symbolizes that a bamboo flute can help to reduce negativity.

Some people believe these flutes are powerful Feng Shui cures to be placed in your living space to benefit one in unfavourable circumstances. So let’s explore further.

Where Should I Place The Bamboo Flute?

There are many places to place this flute in the house, or office to mitigate Feng Shui challenges.

1. Afflicted Sectors in Your House

Some practitioners hang this flute in the East, Southeast, or South sectors of your house to activate the energy in this space. Based on the Bagua map, these areas are favorable for the wood energy. However, you must also remember to take the annual Feng Shui flying stars afflictions into consideration too.

2. To Minimize Negative Energy From Exposed Beam

Some people use bamboo flutes with red tassels to mitigate the bad energy created by exposed beams. You can consider hanging 2 such flutes at each end of the beam as a remedy to such situation.

If you dislike these tools, you can create a false ceiling to conceal it. This can help to correct the oppressed energy of the exposed beams.

3. Protect The Space for Business

Some business owners also choose these flutes above the front door of their retail shop to ward off evil and theft. Besides that, they believed that hanging the flute in a slanted position near the cash register makes a difference. It helps to draw in more customers and improve the business.

exposed beam

In the above situation, Feng Shui bamboo flute can be hanged on the beam but the best way is remove the beam or build a false ceiling to cover it.


What Is The Correct Way To Hang The Flute?

It is commonly practiced to hang these bamboo flutes on the wall with the mouth pointing upwards. In this position, it allows upward energy circulation and movement to activate the area.

If you are seeking harmony, you can place them in a horizontal position for a more balanced and steady flow of energy.



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