laughing buddha meaning

Laughing Buddha Statue Meaning and Significance in Feng Shui

In Chinese households, Laughing Buddha, also known as the Buddha of Happiness, is one of the most commonly used Feng Shui symbols you can find. This deity statue symbolizes happiness and helps to enhance all kinds of positive aspirations such as wealth, health, career and descendent luck.

Due to the popularity of this famous Laughing Buddha, many people crafted it into a wide variety of Feng Shui products ranging from statue figurines, key chains and amulets made from different materials like metal, crystal, gemstone, jade and even porcelain. Besides these, he is seen with auspicious symbols, such as Ru Yi, Wu Lou, gold ingots and coins, carrying children.

What are the different types of Laughing Buddha and their meaning?

Wow, there are so many choices, so which one should I select, and what does each Laughing Buddha mean? Each laughing buddha figurine’s design has its meaning and symbolism, so remember to choose the appropriate one to match your intention.

laughing buddha meaning


1. Laughing Buddha with Gems and Gold For Money Luck

If you wish to garner more wealth luck, you should get a laughing Buddha sitting on treasures, carrying a money sack and gold ingot. Please place it in the wealth area of your house.

2. Laughing Buddha with Wu Lou and a Fan

If your main focus is on your health, choose a laughing buddha statue portrayed with a Wu Lou and fan in one hand. The fan symbolizes warding away misfortune, and the gourd protects against illness. Place this statue in the East Ba Bua sector of your home.

3. Laughing Buddha Surrounded with Small Children

For married couples longing for children, you can place this symbol in the west sector to enhance the descendent’s luck. Besides that, it also helps to improve fertility and well being of the household members.

4. Laughing Buddha Posture with a Sack

This posture of the Buddha statue signifies pouring your burdens and sadness into the sack and bringing them away from home or office. It will give only happiness and good things to your family.

5. Hanging Ornaments and Accessories

You can also hang or display a Laughing Buddha on the front dashboard of your vehicle to symbolize taking away your worries and bringing only happiness home. It can also be a form of protection.

6. Laughing Buddha Statue with Money Frog

A Laughing Buddha and a money frog are a meaningful duo when paired. The laughing Buddha symbolises joy, happiness and abundance, while the three-legged frog symbolises money luck.

So when you see a laughing Buddha depicted with a money frog, it brings money energies and financial opportunities. Hence, many people will display this combination in the wealth corner of the house.

Where Should I Place The Laughing Buddha Statue For Good Feng Shui?

As a general rule of thumb, the best Feng Shui placement is in the living room, where the Buddha is the first thing you see upon entering your house. Avoid putting the laughing Buddha in the toilet as a form of respect. It will also help disperse unfavourable or unfavourable energy and bring happiness and a positive vibe into your home.

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