Lucky Horseshoe

How To Use Lucky Horseshoe Symbol For Good Luck?

A lucky horseshoe is a simple tool that many believe has the power to bring good luck. It is usually made of steel, brass, or copper and often decorated with intricate designs.

This lucky symbol has been around for centuries and can be found in many cultures worldwide. It is among the most popular good luck and protective signs, ranked alongside the lucky clover leaf, evil eyes charm and dream catcher.

The most popular belief about the lucky horseshoe is that it will bring good luck if you hang it above your door or window. However, there are other beliefs about using the lucky horseshoe, from displaying it on your car to putting it in your pocket before a sporting event.

They are well received by those living in most western countries and even in India. Some also believed that the number of holes in the horseshoe symbolizes good luck with the lucky seven.

This article provides information on how the lucky horseshoe works and what kinds of uses people put them to.


Should I Hang The Lucky Horseshoe Face Up or Down?

People typically hang the horseshoes from the ceiling using a nail or hook attached to the top of the shoe. But should we turn it facing up or down for good luck?

A hanging horseshoe symbolises good luck, and you should be hanging up with its open end facing up, instead of pointing down. This position “U” shape signify that the positive energy accumulated, instead of spilling out.

Many people believe it’s bad luck to hang a horseshoe with its end facing down, so they always face their horseshoes up.

Is It Good Luck to Hang a Horseshoe Above the Door?

Lucky Horseshoes are all over the world, so it is not surprising that people hang them over their doors for good luck. They have been doing this for hundreds of years and passed down this tradition through the generations.

However, no scientific evidence supports the claim that hanging a horseshoe above your door brings good luck. So it still depends on each belief.

Where Should A Lucky Horseshoe Be Placed For Good Luck?

1. You can hang this Feng Shui lucky charm outside the house, above the main entrance door. It can act as an amulet to protect against evil spirits and attract good luck.

2. Avoid displaying this horseshoe inside the house, facing inwards, because it can negatively affect the family relationship and bring back luck. This placement guideline is similar to the use of the Ba Gua mirror.

3. These lucky horseshoes are mainly created out of metal material. Hence, hanging it on your front door, facing the west and north, will be more favourable.

4. It is a good practice to use a worn horseshoe instead of a brand new one. The reason is that the used one was charged with the energy used to protect the horse. In addition, it will also carry the horse’s vital energy, which symbolizes victory and strength.

5. Do not hang the horseshoe in your bedroom, as it can create an imbalance in energy and disharmony.

Even if you’re not superstitious, there is no harm in having a lucky horseshoe or any lucky charms in your home.



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