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6 Warning Signs That Indicate Your House Has Bad Feng Shui

Feng Shui is about the flow and movement of Chi within a living or working space. Its fundamental principle is to strike a balance and create harmonious environments to benefit the occupants. Even if you don’t believe in Feng Shui, it still exists. If you practice it consciously, you might reap tremendous benefits from it.

Have you ever heard of some of your friends who are leading their life without many dramatic events, but things went south suddenly? Some occurrences might hint that the house has bad Feng Shui. Bad things happen after moving into a new home and change for the worse. So we have listed them in this article so that you can make preparation.

1. Unexpected or Sudden Decline of Health Condition or Frequent Illness

The occupants have always been in the pink of health, but one of the household members suddenly suffers from a severe illness. Some causes for the happening might be because of bad Feng Shui in the house, which is as mentioned:

– Sleeping in the bedroom that is afflicted by the flying star #2 (illness) or #5 (misfortune).

– The state and condition of your kitchen.

– Check the bed’s position and ensure that it is in the most optimal location. Health issues take place if you are sleeping facing the bathroom.

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2. Love Relationship In A Mess

People face problems with their love relationship if there is a problem with Feng Shui in the house, especially in the bedroom.

A married couple might have more conflicts, and some even have third parties in the relationship. All these issues might lead to separation or even divorce.

The most common cause of the third party is the layout of the room that has another room within the same space.

Singles always seem to attract the wrong parties into their life.

3. Non-Stop Accidents

One-time off accident might be a coincidence; twice might be bad luck, but if you encounter it over three times, it is a clear sign that something is off. So remember to look into it before something serious happens.

4. Poor Sleep Quality

Are you facing problems sleeping even after a busy and tiring day? You should be able to sleep well to rejuvenate and recharge your energy unless you have an existing illness of insomnia. First, you might look at your bed’s location and check if it is in the correct position.

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5. Financial Difficulties

You have a job with a stable income with a promotion in the pipeline, and you will never think of losing a job. But suddenly, you have been retrenched because of a company restructuring. The strange thing is that you are the only victim being affected.

This scenario might signal that the bad Feng Shui has negatively affected your wealth sector of the house.

6. Frequent Disagreement and Argument

Tension builds up quickly, even over the most trivial thing and there are non-stop quarrels in the house.

There are a few factors you might look into:

– Look into the centre of the house, representing the heart. Check if the kitchen or any large exposed beam is located in this sector.

– See if any room, especially the bedroom, faces the stove directly.

– The main gate and door in the opposite direction symbolized disagreement and conflict of ideas.

In conclusion, do not always push the blame on the bad Feng Shui because it also depends on the individual to transform for good.

For example, if you have not taken care of your health for years and contracted a severe illness, which is to blame for it? If you and your spouse are already unhappy with each other since the start, do you still blame Feng Shui?

If you are facing any of these situations out of the blue, you might consider engaging a professional Feng Shui consultant for a detailed audit to determine the source of the problem.



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