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5 Headboard Feng Shui Secrets For A Peace of Mind and Beauty Sleep

The bed is the crucial factor in the bedroom to provide you with a good rest and feel supported. Besides placing your bed in the command position, the headboard also plays a vital role in creating a good Feng Shui in the space. Adding a headboard to your bed gives you a “Mountain” backing or support. In addition, you will feel more secure and not distracted by any movement behind you.

If you do not have one, it will negatively affect your sleep quality and health in the long run. Thus, selecting the right headboard design and material plays a part in improving bed Feng Shui. Choosing the wrong one might cause more harm instead.

What Makes A Good Feng Shui Headboard?

A headboard can be a beautiful, personal feature of your bedroom. But if it’s the wrong type of headboard, you could be in for some big problems. Find out what to look for when considering an excellent or lousy headboard and why.

1. Solid and Sturdy Support 

First, it is important and essential to have a headboard that is made of solid wood. This is because it provides a natural warmth and also gives you a sense of security. It is good to avoid getting headboard that has holes, metal bars or any gaps in between. Such designs allow Chi to move around you, causing unstable energy flow that can lead to poor sleep quality.

Above photo illustrate a bed board with gaps in between that is not desirable


2. Firmly attached 

You might have seen some headboards mounted on the wall, giving it a floating feel. It is not preferred because there are still gaps between the bed and the wall. It is advisable to install and firmly attach the headboard to the bed. In this way, you will feel more secure when leaning against it, and there is no danger of falling off anytime.

3. Choose the Comfortable and Appropriate Height

It is good to choose a tall headboard to support your head and back. You should also feel comfortable leaning against it. If you choose one that is too low, you will feel uncomfortable because your back will be pressing on the edge of the short headboard at all times.

4. Get The Right Material

Avoid sharp edges that might hurt. Instead, get those that come with soft padding to minimise any accidental injuries and cuts.

5. Avoid Storage Headboard

The culprit for poor sleep quality might be the headboard with storage space. You will have the temptation to keep books, electronics, or other items inside that might create too much distraction that might disturb a good night’s sleep. Besides that, it will also take away your intimate moment to build your love relationship.

Learning these headboard Feng Shui tips and rules is the first step to creating a harmonious rest space. Next, you must also know the correct command position and bed placements to avoid.



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