Headboard Feng Shui and Why You Should Have One?

Want to enhance your bedroom Feng Shui?

If yes, simply add a headboard to your bed because it act as a “Mountain” backing or support. In additional to that, it also empower you with a positive feeling of security.

Selecting the right head board Feng Shui design does matter in improving the energy.

What is A Good Feng Shui Head board?

1. Solid and Sturdy Support – Firstly, it is important and essential to have head board that is made of solid wood because it provide a natural warmth and also sense of security. Avoid head board that holes, metal bars, gaps in between as this design allow Chi to flow around you, leading to poor sleep quality.


Above photo illustrate a bed board with gaps in between that is not desirable

2. Firmly attached – If the head board is sticked to the bed, you will feel more secure when leaning against it and don’t need to worry that it will fall on you anytime

3. Choose the comfortable height – Select the high one that is tall enough to support your head and back when you are sitting up leaning comfortably against it. If you choose one that is too low, you will feel uncomfortable with your back pressing on the edge of the short bed board at all times.

4. No sharp edges please! – Get those that come with soft padding to minimise any accidental injuries and cut.

5. Storage headboard is a NO NO – You will be tempted to keep books, electronic or other items that might create too much distraction that might disturb a good night sleep. Beside that, it will also take away your intimate moment to build your love relationship.

Beside learning the Headboard Feng Shui tips, you must know the correct command positions and also those placement to avoid.

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