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Bathroom Feng Shui Tips To Learn Immediately

Extracted from traditional Feng Shui books and shows, you will discover that bathrooms are always considered as negative places that should be kept away from so here are some tips for you to Feng Shui your bathroom.

Learn the 7 Tips to Feng Shui your Bathroom

1. Firstly and the most important tip is to keep the bathroom door closed and the toilet lid down when not in use. Why? This is one of the most important elements for having and keeping wealth if you believe in Feng Shui, if not you can just consider it as a hygiene issue.

2. If you happened to chanced upon a house that has the toilet bowl facing directly above the Main Door, you might consider to give the house a pass because it is a big No No for Feng Shui.

3. Just like any other areas of your home, you should not neglect your bathrooms. Keep you toilet in a neat and working condition to keep the chi circulating throughout the space. A cluttered, messy and “not in good working order” bathroom is considered as a negative energy provider.

4. Mirror, Mirror on the wall – Mirrors are recommended for the bathroom because they can speed up and circulate energy. However in the flip side, make sure that a large mirror is not reflecting the toilet to avoid multiplying the dirty energy. In other words, you should not be able to see your entire body when you are sitting on the toilet.


5. Adequate lighting, good ventilation and cleanliness are a must to a proper Feng Shui.

6. It is undesirable for toilets to share the same wall as your bed. If you have a bed that is against the wall and the toilet is against the same on the other side, it will be advisable to move the bed away. Likewise, you should never see or hear a toilet or bathroom from the position of your bed. This might cause respiratory problems and even loss of wealth. The solution is to block the view in some way and this will help your health and wealth.

7. Do not place the photographs of your loved ones in the bathroom because the energy in that space can be drained out and will weaken the relationship between you and the other party.

Your bathroom feng shui  is more than a necessity to your life, it is essential to your health and financial stability so do take note of the tips above to make it work for you.




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