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5 Undisclosed Tips To Create Feng Shui Money Bowl For Prosperity

In the new age Feng Shui, people believed you could attract and manifest money and wealth with specific rituals or symbols. Similar to displaying nine lemons in a bowl, creating your Feng Shui money bowl is also one way to enhance wealth energies. It helps to boost our income, open up opportunities and accumulate wealth.

Do you want to turn your house into a money magnet with the ability to attract wealth and abundance? Then, let’s learn more about this mysterious money bowl.

1. What Is Money Bowl in Feng Shui?

A money bowl is one of the most prized and distinctive decorations in Feng Shui that magnifies the wealth energies. It signifies a person’s intent to bring wealth and prosperity into their life.

Besides being a money magnet, the bowl can also be a fantastic addition to your home decoration.

2. How To Choose A Good Money Bowl? 

You can choose a money bowl made from ceramic, glass, crystal, metal or wood. However, it is essential to avoid plastic or design that is 100% clear and can see through because it represents wealth leaking.

As for the shape, a round or square bowl might be a good choice. Remember to get one that is deep and not too shallow.

Most importantly is to choose that you must love it.

3. What Are The Ingredients?

Once you have chosen the suitable bowl, it is time to fill it with items symbolising wealth and abundance to the brim.

Symbols That Inspire Money

In the general rule of thumb, you can pour in any items signifying money. They can be faux diamonds, gold ingots, nuggets, or Chinese coins. You can even put the actual coins in the highest denomination of your currency.

However, if you are displaying the bowl in an area with high human traffic, such as the cash register of a shop, it is not a good idea to put in the high-valued item.

Wealth Gem Tree

Placing the Gem coin tree in the centre of the money bowl signify planting the root to grow the wealth energies. After that, you can cover the gaps by stacking ingots and gems on top.

Laughing Buddha

The happy Pu Tai Buddha is a symbol of wealth and happiness. So, Getting one for your bowl can assist in enhancing this aspect of life.


Adding natural crystals to the bowl is an excellent idea too. You can choose the crystals suitable for wealth manifestation, such as pyrite (fool gold), citrine, amethysts and tiger’s eye.

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4. Where To Place The Wealth Bowl?

In Feng Shui, we have to identify areas of the house that are closely associated with wealth and prosperity. However, the most popular position is the far left corner of the living room when you enter the house. Therefore, you can activate the energies in the space with a money bowl.

It is best to avoid putting your money bowl in the bathroom or close to sinks or drainage because it symbolises the leakage of wealth energies.

5. How Do I Clean and Maintain The Wealth Bowl?

Your money bowl is a tool to send a wealth intention or signal to the universe, so we must keep it clean and clutter-less. There is no special ritual to clean it, but it will be advisable to clean the wealth bowl every few weeks. Depending on the material, you can wipe it with a cloth or rinse it with water.

However, if you purchase a new piece, you can cleanse it with the vibration of a singing bowl. This action is to remove any residue energies from the previous owners.

In conclusion, everyone’s wealth bowl will be distinct and unique, meaning for each individual. Therefore, display it somewhere you can see it daily so that your intention will manifest to the universe.


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