Phoenix and Dragon Feng Shui Symbol Use and Significance

In the Chinese culture, the dragon and phoenix are being regarded as a perfect couple and also symbolise everlasting love in Feng Shui. This is the main reason why this pair are well liked as an auspicious symbol because they are believed to invite matrimony bliss.

The dragon belongs to the Yang/ masculine energy that represent power, authority and strength. The Phoenix belong to the Yin/feminine energy that bring hope, opportunities and fame. They can be used separately as Feng Shui enhancers for their symbolism but when they are placed together, they bring out the unity and balance of the Yin and Yang energy to create a harmonious environment where love and relationship luck is nourished.

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Dragon and Phoenix Feng Shui Use and Placement Tips

1. You can display the dragon and phoenix in your personal Nien Yen direction based on your KUA Number to enhance one’s individual peach blossom luck. For Singles, it will enhance your romance luck to attract the other half into your life. For married couple, it will to embrace a solid marriage and relationship.

2. Place it as a Feng Shui love cure in the love & relationship sector, which is the Southwest area

3. For those who wishes for good health, knowledge and fame for the whole household, place this auspicious symbol at the east of your living room.

4. Avoid placing it in the kitchen or bathroom, similar to most of the lucky symbols as a form of respect

Beside the dragon and Phoenix couple as one of the most popular Feng Shui love enhancer, you might also consider the mandarin duck that is the symbol of love too. Regardless what Feng Shui products you get for your home, always remember that you must love it when seeing it, instead of getting one just because you are told to do it.




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