Phoenix and Dragon Feng Shui Symbol Use and Significance

The Phoenix and Dragon are Chinese culture’s two most influential celestial animals. They represent the yin and yang, often used for Feng Shui. This ancient practice is about balancing energy in your home or office to create harmony, peace and prosperity.

In most Chinese culture, the dragon and Phoenix are regarded as perfect couples and symbolise everlasting love in Feng Shui. Therefore, many people love this pair as an auspicious symbol because they believe the duo can bring invite matrimony bliss.

The dragon belongs to the Yang/ masculine energy representing power, authority, transformation, good fortune and strength.

On the other hand, the Phoenix is a famous mythical bird that changes its feathers and rises from the ashes of its predecessor. Many often use this symbol to represent rebirth, resurrection, and immortality. In addition, it belongs to the Yin/feminine energy that brings hope, opportunities and fame.

What does A Dragon and Phoenix Together Mean in Feng Shui?

The dragon and phoenix go together in Feng Shui because they represent opposite forces. The dragon symbolises power, vitality, and positive energy, while the phoenix is a symbol of peace, transformation, and self-sacrifice. Together, they represent a balance among all things.

Moreover, this combination brings out the unity and balance of the Yin and Yang energy to create a harmonious environment that nourishes love and relationship luck.

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Feng Shui Phoenix and Dragon Placement Tips For Good Fortune

1. You can display the dragon and phoenix in your personal Nien Yen direction based on your KUA Number to enhance your peach blossom luck. On the other hand, for those Singletons, it will enhance your romance luck to attract the other half into your life. For a married couple, it will embrace a solid marriage and relationship.

2. Place it as a Feng Shui love cure in the love and relationship sector, the Southwest area.

3. For those who wish for good health, knowledge and fame for the whole household, place this auspicious symbol at the east of your living room.

4. Avoid placing it in the kitchen or bathroom, similar to most lucky symbols, as a form of respect.

Besides the dragon and Phoenix couple as one of the most famous Feng Shui love enhancers, you might also consider the mandarin duck, which symbolises love too.

Regardless of what Feng Shui products you get for your home, remember that you must love it when seeing it, instead of getting one just because others told you to do that.

Why Do People Have Phoenix and Dragon Tattoos?

Apart from Feng Shui symbols, some people also have the Pheonix and dragon on their bodies. Tattoos can be part of a person’s identity and a way to express oneself. They are also a form of self-expression for many people with tattoos. The meanings behind the tattoos are as varied as the people who have them.

For example, some people have phoenix and dragon tattoos that symbolize their struggle with transitioning from one life to the next. On the other hand, some use it as a tattoo design to represent the wearer’s inner strength.



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