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Feng Shui Items That Make Perfect Gift Ideas

Looking for a Feng Shui item as a gift for your loved ones and friends? We have you covered with this list of items with auspicious symbolism that are suitable for important events and milestones in life for example, moving into a new house, wedding, career advancement, new business venture and many more.

Feng Shui Items That Make Perfect Gift for Any Occasions

1. Plants – This is one of the most popular gift for someone who has just moved into a new home, because a healthy plant symbolize “New Beginning and Growth”.

In Feng Shui application, it is good to place plant in the East sector of your home that belongs to the wood element. Other than the widely known money plant (Jade plant), lucky bamboo is also one of top choice as it is believed to attract auspicious chi energy. The number of stalks of the lucky bamboo represent different meaning, so get the right one.

Avoid getting cactus and bonsai.

2. Natural Crystals – Crystals is widely believed to attract wealth luck and also help to expel negative energy, so placing one at home/office create a positive harmonious environment to stay/work in.

To bring in good luck to Home and Office – Amethyst crystal tree is well suited for this purpose.

To enhance love luck – You can consider giving a rose quartz crystal.

For protection – If you are giving to someone that love to travel around the world, black obsidian bracelet might be the suitable one.

For those who love to attract wealth luck – Citrine crystal is the one to go for.


3. Himalayan Salt Lamp – It can act as an air purifier in your home and promote a harmonious atmosphere. Once the lamp is switched on, positive ion is released into the air that help to purify the space. If there is many electronic equipment in the home, this Himalayan salt lamp might be an ideal gift option.

4. Money Frog – This Feng shui item is a well-known money magnet that is depicted with a large coin in its mouth. It is believed that displaying one at home or business can help you to magnify your wealth luck. It can be a great gift for friend or relative on New year and house warming to symbolise attracting money in the upcoming year.

5. Four leaves clover – If you like to give to someone who love western good luck charm, the four-leaf clover will be a great choice. Each leaf of the lucky clover represent an auspicious meaning namely: Faith, Hope, Love and Luck, hence it make a perfect gift for any occasions.

6. Wealth Ship – This is a perfect gift to someone who has just started a new business venture or career. It is to wish them a smooth sailing journey in the new endeavour. It is a symbol of money magnet that bring wealth and success to them.

7. Lucky Fortune Cat – This cat, also known as Maneki-neko, is one of the most popular lucky charms in Japan. It is said good luck, fortune, health and happiness to its owner. 

Most of these Feng Shui items are quite affordable but price does not matter. When we give someone a gift, it is to bestow our blessing of good luck to them, so give it with the right purpose.

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