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How to Use The Lucky Koi Fish for Good Feng Shui?

The Koi fish is the Eastern symbol of prosperity and abundance. So it’s no wonder the fish has made its way into the decorating world and Feng Shui. The Chinese wording of fish (Yu) pronunciation resembles “Surplus”, meaning overflowing with good fortune.

In addition, fishes belong to the water element, and in Chinese belief, water also symbolises wealth and prosperity. Therefore, we often use many fishes as Feng Shui wealth enhancers, but the most popular ones are the Arowana (DragonFish), Koi (Carp) and the Goldfish.

What Is Koi Fish Meaning and Symbolism in Feng Shui?

The Koi is an ornamental variety of the common carp originating in China. The fish are known for their bright colours, elegant long fins and a long history of being raised in ponds.

We have used Koi fish as good luck symbols in many cultures and religions. Their most well-known legend is that a carp can transform into a dragon by swimming upstream and “leap over the dragon gate”. Adults love to tell this story to their children to encourage them to study hard and do their best.

It also has other spiritual symbolism and meaning that includes:

  • Good Fortune
  • Wealth and Prosperity
  • Strive to achieve success
  • Determination
  • Courage
koi fish feng shui


What is the Colour Meaning of the Koi Fish?

Koi fish are popular because they come in many colours and patterns. The koi fish can have different meanings depending on the colour and pattern. Some common symbolisms for the colours include:

Red is a sign of courage and bravery, but you can also see the colour as a sign of anger or violence.

Gold is often associated with wealth and prosperity.

White is often associated with purity, peace, or death.

Pink may represent love, grace, or beauty.

Black is a symbol of masculinity and represent determination

Blue represent tranquility and peace.

Silver is often associated with business success

Number of Koi Fish Meaning and Representation

The number of koi fish to use in Feng Shui is up to your goal or purpose. Some believe that the more koi fish you have, the better, with no set amount. On the other hand, others think you only need one koi fish for a business or a home. However, we got you covered with the list of meanings and symbolism for the quantity of the fish.

No. of FishDescription
1New Beginning and Reborn
3Advancement and Growth
6Benefactors and Mentor luck
8Wealth and Prosperity
9Long Life and Smooth Sailing for whole life (Considered as the most auspicious number to use)

Use of Koi Fish In Chinese New Year

The koi fish is a symbol of wealth and prosperity in Asia. Displaying koi fish in homes, businesses, and schools during Chinese New Year ensures that happiness and good fortune come to the household.

Black Koi Fish For Protection

Some Feng Shui practitioners also practice placing a black koi fish among the others for protection, neutralising negative energy and warding off evil. If the black one dies, many believe it has helped the owner to avert a disaster on his behalf.

In conclusion, if you are a koi fish lover but are too lazy to maintain them, you can still bring prosperity and good luck to your home by adding koi fish paintings in your home decoration.



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