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5 Amazing Ways to Use Crystal Globe for Good Feng Shui and Success

Crystal Globe is among the famous Feng Shui cure and enhancers to improve certain aspects of our life. For example, it helps enhance business success, academic and networking luck, and fame and recognition.

In addition, many people believe that the Earth’s energy the globe plays an essential role in creating wealth and abundance.

Where To Place Crystal Globe For Good Feng Shui?

You can place this lucky symbol in specified areas of the house according to your intention. It all depends on your purpose and intent. Is it for business, academics, or any other aspiration you like to improve in life?

1. Working Space to Welcome More Opportunities

If you are running a business with a shopfront, you can improve the success rate and wealth luck with this crystal globe. Display this lucky charm and the Feng Shui money frog at cash registers or the reception area to usher in customers.

Likewise, you can place this globe at the working desk for good luck for those online operating businesses.

2. Using The Ba Gua Map 

If you work as authors, reports, bloggers and in any occupations that require gaining fame and recognition, this crystal globe is the right fit. You can place it in the South sector of your work desk or office to enhance the fame energy.

3. Improve Acadamic Luck for Students

If you are still pursuing your study, display this globe on your study desk for good energy. In addition, it helps to bring you academic success in the examination.

crystal globe feng shui


4. Leverage on Annual Flying Stars and Personal Favorable Position

This crystal globe is best positioned in the wealth corner of the house to attract good money luck. If you are a fan of Feng Shui’s annual flying stars, place this globe in the sector where stars #8 and #9 fly yearly. In 2022, put it in the South and Northeast to further enhance and support the positive energy.

Besides using the flying stars method, you can also position it in your personal Sheng Qi location based on your Kua Number.

Globes symbolise expanding international business filled with welcoming opportunities. That is why some companies love to integrate or embed this lucky symbol in their business logo for this auspicious purpose.

Crystal globe is an ideal good luck gift option for others or self since it plays a significant role in Feng Shui. It is most suitable for those seeking academic success in their studies. However, for those climbing the corporate ladder or wanting a breakthrough for entrepreneurs, you can consider this symbol too.


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Cures & Enhancers5 Amazing Ways to Use Crystal Globe for Good Feng Shui and Success