Feng Shui Rooster – 6 Ways To Use and Place for Good Luck

Besides the Phoenix, the Feng Shui rooster is the most commonly seen and used among the auspicious bird symbols. Of course, you might have known this symbol as one of the twelve Chinese Zodiac animals, but the rooster is more than just a sign.

The rooster has many positive hidden meanings in Chinese tradition and Feng Shui. For example, the pronunciation of the word rooster in Chinese has the same tone as “auspicious”. That is why roosters are closely associated with bringing good luck and fortune.

Why Should You Have a Feng Shui Rooster in Your Home?

A Rooster is a symbol of prosperity, good fortune and abundance. Feng shui practitioners believe having one in your home will bring these qualities.

Roosters are symbols of vigilance, courage, confidence, determination and honesty. They are said to be able to dispel the effects of negative energy from the environment and bring luck into your life.

Besides this, you can also see it displayed in office space to counter office politics. So what are some other tips for using this rooster for good Feng Shui?

Which Direction Should a Rooster Face?

There are different ways to place the Feng Shui rooster, but it’s always best to put it facing towards the house’s main door or office, with its head pointing north.

However, there are no wrong answers when placing your Feng Shui rooster.

Feng Shui Rooster Symbol Use and Placement

1. Counter Office Politics 

Some practitioners will typically advise placing a Feng Shui rooster on your work desk diagonally facing the office entrance. You can use this configuration to “peck away” the malignant negative energies entering.

In addition, it also helps to counter office politics, backstabbers and gossip that will affect your career advancement or interpersonal relationship with your peers. In business, it helps to sort out jealousies among competitors and partnerships.

2. Guard Against Infidelity

You can place a rooster figurine with its head facing diagonally from your main doorway entrance to protect you from extramarital affairs and adultery by your partner. Besides that, it also helps to remove undesirable romance.

Above picture illustrated a “Centipede” killing energy


3. Feng Shui Cure Against External Negative Energy

It can also mitigate external killing energy like “Centipede” Sha, creating negative energy from power lines or drainage pipes resembling a centipede. However, if it points toward your house, it causes disharmony, heated argument and gossip in the household. One way to resolve this situation is to display the rooster facing it as a remedy.

4. Power of Chinese Zodiac Sign Compatibility

In some practices, there is a method of displaying your “Secret Friend” and “Allies” animal zodiac symbols for backing and support. For example, if you belong to the Dragon, Ox, and Snake, you can place the rooster figurine.

However, you should avoid displaying a rooster if you belong to the Rabbit zodiac sign because there is a clash in the Chinese Zodiac sign.

5. Do Not Overcrowd, One is Enough

You should avoid placing more than a rooster figurine in the home or office because it might lead to conflict in the space.

6. Aspiration for Fame Luck

Are you looking to improve your reputation and fame luck? If so, you can place the rooster in the south sector of your living room.

As a rule of thumb, you should keep the Feng Shui rooster in a clutter-free corner of the house. Besides that, avoid placing it on the floor or facing the bathroom.



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