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6 Unusual Ways to Use Salt in Feng Shui at Home

Feng Shui is an olden Chinese practice that many believers use to create an environment of balance, harmony and abundance. It is the concept of how energy flows through our homes, and if it is not balanced, we can feel drained and uninspired. Therefore, we can create a home that amplifies our positive energy, leaving us feeling more balanced and abundant with Feng Shui.

Have you ever entered a room and felt negative vibes that can be overwhelming and hard to shake off? In Feng Shui, many effective cleansing methods are used to mitigate such situations, from using crystals to smudging with sage. However, the easiest way is to use salt in Feng Shui to amplify the positive vibes in your space and create a more harmonious atmosphere.

This article will explore using salt in your home to clear out bad vibes and infuse your space with uplifting energy.

1. Put Salt at Point of Entry To Clear Incoming Negative Energy

The main door, back door and windows are the most common entry points into a house. Not only do they provide access to the house, but they also serve as an entry point for energy to flow into the space. So if the negative energy gets into the house, it can cause many problems, such as physical, mental and emotional imbalances and financial difficulties.

Therefore, we must cleanse the entry points of a dwelling, such as the main entrance door, to reduce or eliminate the negative energy before it gets into the house. For example, you can place a bowl of salt near the main entrance to absorb negative energy.

2. Distribute Salt in the Corners

Salt is a powerful ingredient that can have a dramatic effect on the energy of a room. As a result, many have been using it for centuries as an effective way to absorb negative energy and prevent it from accumulating.

Have you ever noticed that a particular room in your home feels different or makes you feel uncomfortable? It could be due to negative or stagnant energy accumulating in the space. Therefore, placing small amounts of salt in the corners of a room can transform your living space into one that feels more peaceful and inviting. The salt will help prevent negative energy from lingering and provide an environment more conducive to positive vibes.

3. Feng Shui Water Salt Cure 

The salt water cure is a popular method in Feng Shui to purify negative energy from any environment. Many Feng Shui practitioners use this cure to counter the negative energy of the flying star 2, the sickness star, and 5, the misfortune star.

This simple yet effective technique involves filling a container with Feng Shui Chinese coins, salt and water, which you then place in the area where negative energy is present. 

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4. Incorporate Himalayan Salt Lamp Into The Space For Good Feng Shui

Himalayan salt lamps are becoming increasingly popular for their ability to improve air quality and energy. Made from natural Himalayan salt crystals, these lamps emit a warm, comforting glow that is said to help cleanse the energy of a room and create an atmosphere of positivity.

Not only do these lamps look beautiful, but many people feel calmer and more relaxed when one is present in the room. With such a wide range of potential benefits, it’s no wonder that these lamps are quickly becoming essential for any home or office.

5. Space Cleansing For Moving into New House

Salt is believed to have powerful spiritual properties and can help clear out any unwanted energy from your new home. Many new house owners typically performed this ritual on the door opening day. The owner sprinkles salt at every corner of the house to remove residual energy from previous residents.

It’s easy to do and can help you start your new life in the right atmosphere. For example, with the proper preparation and understanding of salt, you can efficiently perform a space-cleansing ritual for your new home with salt.

6. Salt in the Bath

Taking a bath with sea salt is an age-old remedy many people have used for centuries. It has powerful cleansing and healing properties and is incredibly relaxing by immersing in the bath.

In addition, adding a cup of sea salt to your bathwater hydrates your skin and helps detoxify the body and reduces stress levels.



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