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How To Use Feng Shui Money Frog Symbol For Good Luck?

The three-legged money frog or toad, also known as Chan Chu (蟾蜍), is one of the most potent and popular feng shui symbols to enhance wealth luck. The Chinese believe that the three-legged toad brings good fortune and luck, making it the perfect addition to your home or office.

In addition, many believe this money frog can bring more financial abundance when placed in specific areas of your home.

Therefore, you can always find this three-legged toad as a Chinese decorative art to the home because of the auspicious meaning. It is a small frog figurine made of metal, ceramic, gemstones, jade and other materials. In most designs, you can find the money frog with a coin in its mouth and sitting on a bed of coins or gold ingots.

Money Frog Best Feng Shui Placement For Good Luck

You can place the Feng Shui money frog in your home and workspace to attract money energies. In addition, you can also have more than one three-legged toad in the space, depending on your intentions. However, if you plan to have more than one, use lucky numbers like one, three, five or eight.

According to Feng Shui, there are several locations where you can position a money toad in your home or office for good luck. Here are some of the suggested areas to place the frog.

1. Main Entrance

The main entryway is the mouth of “Chi” energy, so you can place the money frog diagonally to this area to bring in wealth energies. However, many Feng Shui experts advise positioning the money frog facing inwards from the main door so that wealth only comes in and not leaking out.

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2. Wealth Sector of the House

In Feng Shui, a wealth corner is a place in the house to attract abundance and prosperity. Based on the Bagua map, the wealth corner is the southeast corner of a home. However, you can also find it in other spots based on the methodology used. However, the most commonly used wealth corner is diagonal across the main entrance.

Finding a perfect spot for your wealth corner is difficult because there are many factors to keep in mind when deciding where to put it. But once you determine the place, you can position this money frog in this area of the house to magnify your windfall and wealth luck.

3. Work Desk

The money frog symbolises wealth and prosperity, so placing the money frog on your desk can help you with your finances and bring you more success.

4. Cashier or Receptionist Area

Many business owners love this lucky charm and will position the money frog at customer contact points. For example, areas for receiving visitors and cash registers are great choices. They believe that the toad can help to attract customers and money energies.

Feng Shui Money Frog Placement To Avoid

Placing lucky symbols in the right location is essential to bring good luck and positivity into the space. If done wrongly, it can bring bad luck instead. So it is crucial to avoid specific locations to place the money frog in the house.

First, you should not place the money frog directly on the floor, so put it on a low shelf or cabinet. In addition, shy away from the bedroom, bathroom or kitchen.

Double The Effect With 2 Money Frogs

Some experts even mentioned that placing a duo at home could magnify the positive effect. For example, you can put one near your front door, facing inwards, which symbolizes attracting wealth and fortune into your home or business.

At the same time, you can place another one facing outward to collect the money, so this is a win-win situation. Some people even buy a revolving money toad, so they rotate the frog to face outside to enhance work or business luck when they are out working. So when they return home, they will turn it back to face inwards, symbolizing wealth accumulation.

How to Activate Money Frogs for Good Luck?

Some people believe you need to activate Feng Shui ornaments such as money frogs before placing them at home or office. First, you must set the symbol on an elevated position, then tie a red ribbon and insert a coin in the mouth. This ritual will then activate the lucky charm to be a money magnet.

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