4 Powerful Feng Shui Ru Yi Scepter Tips To Make You Feel The Power

Ru Yi Scepter is a well known auspicious symbol of authority by the Chinese that is traditionally used by the higher power, like emperors, high-ranking officials and scholars. In the modern days, you can see this Ru Yi scepter depicted or decorated together with the popular Chinese god and deities. Some examples are laughing buddha, god of wealth and the central god of Fu Lu Shou.

What does Ru Yi mean?

In Chinese, it means “as you wish or everything going your wish”. This auspicious symbolism makes it a lucky Feng Shui symbol that is believed to aid in overcoming obstacles and give you a smooth sailing life.

How does Ruyi scepter look like?

You can find this authoritative symbol made from different materials. One of the most commonly seen is gold, jade, brass, or even Liu Li.

Most of the Ru Yi designs are illustrated with tassel of various colors with the auspicious red the most popular. It can also be tied with the infinity/mystic knot or double happiness symbol for maximum power.

The head or tip of the Ruyi is often seen with a craving of auspicious flowers like lotus, Ling Zhi or sunflower.


ru yi scepter liu li

Where Do I Place Ru Yi Scepter Feng Shui For Authority?

1. Display the Ru Yi scepter prominently in your work desk to enhance your career luck. It is believed to create a positive chi for gaining fame and reputation that helps in promotion or business advancement.

2. You can position it in the Northwest sector of your home to aid in increasing the luck of the male owner. Besides that, it also believed that this placement suit parents who want to gain better command with their children.

3. Based on annual flying star in year 2021, you can place this symbol of authority in the South sector of your house that represents success and victory.

4. The dragon turtle that is depicted together with a Ru Yi is a powerful symbol of authority, protection, and support from your superior. You can place it behind you in your office to ensure a smooth sailing career with support from benefactors.




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