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5 Feng Shui Tips You Should Know Before Hanging A Chandelier At Home

The chandelier is a decoration that adds a feeling of elegance and beauty to the interior design of the house. But it does not say the same story in the aspect of Feng Shui if placed in the wrong place. People use them for different purposes, such as beautifying the space, adding lighting and creating a soothing ambience.

Before buying the chandelier, knowing your purpose and the Feng Shui guidelines is essential to invite positive energy.

1. What are the Benefits of Having a Chandelier at Home?

Many people believed they could attract favourable Chi or life force energy into the house. You can hang a chandelier in the hallway or any area near the main entrance to achieve that. Each time someone opens the door, the light will reflect off the chandelier’s crystals. It will help draw the Chi into the house and uplift the energy level in the surrounding.

Chandeliers in the dining area create a relaxing and conducive atmosphere for a better experience.

2. Why Choose Crystal Chandelier?

Besides the stunning look, chandeliers that use crystal have incorporated 2 Feng Shui elements, fire and earth. The light belongs to the fire, while the crystal is from the Earth element. These elements complement each other in the productive cycle that boosts and enhances energy. Crystals also create positive energy and bring balanced energy to the environment

In addition, crystal chandeliers also symbolize wealth and prosperity.

3. Can Chandelier Be Placed In The Bedroom?

A bedroom is a space for you to relax and rest. If you have a ceiling fan or chandelier hanging right above your bed, you will feel uneasy and worry that it will drop at any time. It will create unnecessary worries and might cause poor health issues.

However, if you want to install one in the bedroom, you can position it in a corner with fewer activities.

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4. Does The Shape Of The Chandelier Matter?

Yes, it matters. You can find many designs with different shapes in the market, but it is good to avoid getting an odd-shaped or triangular chandelier. Instead, choose a regular shape, such as round, square, oval, etc.

Besides the shape of the chandelier, you should also use round light bulbs instead of pointed ones that create poison arrows.

5. Where Is The Best Position To Hang a Chandelier?

The size of the chandelier and the ceiling height plays an essential role in determining the optimal location. If you have a low ceiling, do not install one because it gives you a subtle feeling of oppression. On the other hand, you should not get an oversized chandelier to fit into a small room. Everything must be in proportion to embrace balanced and harmonious energy in the room.

It would be best if you hung the chandelier in the centre of the living room over the coffee table.

In conclusion, it is also essential to maintain the chandelier for good Feng Shui. It would help if you replaced any spoilt light bulbs and periodically cleaned the crystal decoration to avoid any dirt. This practice is to minimize any stagnant energy accumulated because of poor care.



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