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8 Useful Feng Shui Front Entrance Tips For Positive Energy

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy that people can apply to the design and construction of buildings. You can also implement this concept in interior design and furniture arrangements. The ultimate goal of Feng Shui is to create a balance between people and their environment.

The front entrance of a house is an integral part of the building because it sets the tone for what you will find inside. The first impression you get from the outside can make or break your decision on whether or not you want to enter. This impression should be inviting and welcoming not only to people but also to attract positive energy.

Therefore, this mouth of Chi plays a significant role in house Feng shui, determining the entire household’s luck. For example, if you have good Feng Shui at the front entrance, you will receive good luck and opportunities. On the contrary, if you have bad Feng Shui in this area, you will face obstacles and mishaps.

This article will unveil helpful tips for the front entrance to have your good luck rolling in.

1. What You See At The Main Entrance Matter

There are some situations to avoid when choosing your house.
First, seeing a downward staircase when you open the main door symbolizes your overall luck to decline.

Solution: You can place a living plant in this place to minimize the negative energy.

Secondly, if you can see the toilet immediately from the entrance, it indicates poor health.

Solution: If you cannot relocate the toilet’s opening, you can close the door whenever not in use.

2. Obstructions at the Entrance of Your House

If you see a significant obstruction like a lamp post, big tree or any other blockage when you open the front door, your house has committed <形煞>. This configuration creates negative energy that gushes into your home, affecting the energy field.

Solution: Similarly, you can place a living plant in this place to minimize the negative energy rushing into the space.

3. Front Entrance Facing Directly Towards The Windows

Upon entering the house, if you immediately face the windows, it indicates that positive energy can easily flow out of the windows. Many practitioners believe it affects your wealth luck because this layout does not allow you to accumulate positive energy and money luck. People living in such houses will spend more on unexpected expenses, making saving money difficult.

Solution: Place a divider or tall living plant to prevent rapid energy from flowing.

4. Keep Your House Number Sign Clean and Polished

Keep your house number sign polished because it symbolises your home’s reputation and fame. On the other hand, if it is dirty, it might attract slander, gossip or negative feedback affecting the occupants.

Solution: Cultivate the habit of cleaning and polishing the sign periodically

feng shui front entrance tips


5. Keep The Front Entrance Free of Clutter

Many people like to place things, like golf bags, dirty shoes and other unwanted items, at their entrance for convenience. But always remember to keep your entrance uncluttered. In addition, you should always throw away any postage boxes or garbage blocking the door.

Solution: Make it a habit to clear the main entrance from any clutter and keep the shoes in a closed cabinet.

6. Don’t Pile Up The Entrance With Toys

Placing too many dolls and toys at your house entrance is taboo because it will suck away your good luck. Alternatively, you can remove the toys and replace them with good luck symbols.

Solution: You can display Fu (Prosperity), Lu (Status), Shou (Good Health) 福禄寿, God of Wealth and many other lucky charms at the main entrance instead.

7. Ensure Lighting is Working At The Entrance

From the perspective of good Feng Shui, we should have a broad, bright and clean entrance foyer to attract good fortune to our house. Ensure that the lighting at the entrance is bright and working. Always replace any faulty lighting or repair any damage at the door.

Solution: Replace or repair any non-working lighting at the main entrance once spotted. Do not ignore it.

8. Throw Away Unused or Dirty Shoes

A shoe cabinet is a gathering place for odour, and air does not flow well there. Therefore, always try to clear off shoes you have not used for more than two years (most likely, you will not need them anymore).

Apply these Feng Shui tips for your front entrance to bring positive vibes into your living space.



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