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Face Reading Tips to Keep Yourself Away From Villains 小人

In our journey of life, it is good to know some fsce reading tips because we bound to meet a lot of people ranging from close friend to even your loved ones. Inevitably, we will meet some people who bring troubles and disrupt your life and we called them the “小人”.

Isn’t it great if we can equipped ourselves with the knowledge and skill to decipher someone by just looking at them? Here are some tips for facing reading of a villain so that you can avoid getting into trouble with them.

Face Reading Tips to Avoid Bad People

1. 印堂狭窄、人中短 – Ophryon (between the 2 eyebrows) is narrow and philtrum (vertical groove in the middle area of the upper lip) is short


If the space between the 2 eyebrows (we also called it 印堂) are too close (less than a finger width) and the vertical groove distance between the nose and lips are too short, this person tends to be narrow minded and belong to the kind that don’t like to see the happiness of others. If certain people are being praised for the good job being done, this type of villain will interrupt with some unpleasant words.

With such characteristic, he will tend to do more work because he is afraid to allocate the work to his staff in fear of his credit being taken away. So if you have such superior, it is best to keep low profile and do not claim any credit, even if the task is being done by you to avoid any back stabbing.

example of 三白眼

2. Evasive Eye with 三白眼,  四白眼 or 三角眼

Eye of the window of your soul and inner self and if you meet someone who has evasive eye, meaning he always avoiding direct eye contact, you better keep away because this kind of person is always harbouring evil intentions. On top of having evasive eye, if it is coupled with 三白眼,  四白眼 or 三角眼 (triangular shaped), this belong to the cunning type.

3. Crooked mouth with Scattered Teeth

Those with this kind of mouth and teeth is very well versed in sweet talking but never speak the truth.  In Chinese, we called this kind of people “兩頭蛇” – “2 Headed Snake” and they cannot keep secret. They are the No.1 gossip king or queen, so be careful.

4. Small Eyeball

Beware of those who has small eyeball as they are not open with their thoughts and like to back stab especially in office.

Look around you and see if you have encountered anyone with the above mentioned face.




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