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6 Things You Should Avoid Seeing From Front Entrance For Good Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient study that has been passed down generation by generations. It emphasis on tapping and harnessing the chi, also known as the life energy. Those who are into Feng Shui will look at the house layout and seek to improve the energy flow. It should be smooth and manoeuvring with no obstacles.

That is the reason front entrance is the first step to create a good Feng Shui house since it is the entry point, also known as the “mouth of chi”. There are some certain rooms or objects to avoid seeing from the main door. This is because they can create an unfavourable energy that can negatively affect the overall house Feng Shui. Let’s look at the list.

1. Toilet / Bathroom

The front entrance is the first impression of your house and also the mouth of chi. In such layout configuration, the energy will flow right into the toilet without circulating to the other parts of the house. If you are the guest, do you feel good being welcomed by the toilet? It is the first impression that counts, isn’t it?

2. Mirror

Many people like to place mirrors in the main foyer so that they can have a final check on their appearance before going out. If you like to install mirror in this area, it is good to have it at the side, instead of facing directly towards the main door. This is because the energy entering the house will be pushed out instead of inviting them. However, for decades, this has been a debatable topic if such layout is really a bad Feng Shui. If you don’t feel comfortable with such layout, you can just remove the mirror and place it at the side. Alternatively, when you cannot remove it, cover it with a cloth.
main door facing mirror


3. Kitchen Stove / Refrigerator

In the Chinese culture, kitchen is regarded as the household source of wealth. If you see the stove from the main entrance, it would expose your wealth to the public that symbolizes leaking money luck. That is why the stove should be nowhere near the main entrance. 

4. Staircase

It is considered being inauspicious if your main door is facing a staircase, regardless if it inside or outside of the house. The energy flow gushing down the stairs suppresses the one flowing into the house from the main door. This situation will create unstable energy field that can affect the members of the household.

To resolve this situation, it is suggested to place a divider screen between the door and the main door. However, this is only possible if you have a big foyer, otherwise it will be too cramped.

5. Dining Table

In some belief, it is said that wealth is difficult to be accumulated in if you have your dining table near to the main door. It would expose your financial status to the world and attract people to borrow money from you without returning.

If you don’t believe in such belief, let’s think from another angle. The main door is close to outside environment that easily attract filth and dust that might pollute the food on the dining table. It might lead to poor food quality or even food poisoning.

6. Bedroom

Our bedroom is a space to rest and rejuvenate, so it is best to be as quiet as possible. Putting your bedroom facing the front door will also intrude your privacy and peace. If possible, it is optimal to be located at the end of the house.




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