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Is Fish Tank in Bedroom Considered Lousy or Good Feng Shui?

There are many conflicting opinions on a fish tank in the bedroom. Some people believe it is bad Feng Shui, while others believe it is good Feng Shui. So let’s take a closer look at this topic and find out the truth.

Fish tanks can be a great addition to any room in your house, including your bedroom. They add an element of nature and tranquillity to any space, which can help you relax when you need it the most.

However, some would disagree with this statement. This group of people feel that having a fish tank in your bedroom is considered bad Feng Shui because they think that having a fish tank will bring bad luck and misfortune into the home.

According to the Feng Shui principle, it is not advisable to position a fish tank in your bedroom and other positions. Some people use a fish aquarium as a wealth Feng Shui cure because the flowing water with the moving energy symbolises money energies. However, in a bedroom, we want serenity for us to rest, relax and rejuvenate.

Fish Tank in Bedroom bad feng shui


Why Fish Tank In Bedroom Is Bad Feng Shui?

Fish tanks can be seen as bad Feng Shui if you place them in the wrong place or if they are too large or small for the room. The bedroom is one of the rooms you should avoid having a fish tank. Here are some reasons.

1. Bad Health

Fish tanks are perfect for creating a soothing environment. However, they also have the potential to disrupt sleep quality with their noisy pumps.
Many factors can cause the noise from fish tank filters. For example, the pump might be too close to your bed, or it could be that you have a noisy fish tank filter.

As a result, these noisy fish tanks can cause sleep disturbance and lead to other health problems such as hypertension, anxiety and heart disease.

2. Incompatible Birth Elements

Some people have birth elements unsuitable for applying water elements in their living space. For example, if they put a fish tank in their house or bedroom, it will bring bad luck to them.

3. Poor Maintenance Cause Problem

It would be best to clean the fish tank regularly and change the water at least once in two weeks. On top of that, you must also scrub and vacuum the tank to remove the dirt and debris.

Taking care of the Fish tank required a lot of time and effort. If there is no regular maintenance, it will form mould, and algae might cause harm to one’s health. If you are lazy to do all these, do not have any fish tank at home because it might bring more harm than good.

4. Have a Fish Tank Creates Problem

The moving water in the fish tank is a potent Feng Shui energy activator, so if you have no idea of positioning it in a suitable sector in your house, it is best not to put any fish tank at home.

If you place it in an area with an element that clashes with water, it might affect you negatively. If you want to have one, approach any professional Feng Shui consultant around your country for assistance.



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