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9 Feng Shui Tips To Create A Cozy and Harmonious Dining Room

Feng shui is a Chinese philosophy used to make one’s living environment more harmonious and prosperous. It is the idea that our surroundings affect our well-being; thus, you can apply it to any space. In this case, the dining room also occupies a vital role in creating a good home Feng Shui.

If you have a bad Feng Shui in the dining room, it can affect the entire family fortune and the relationship between the married couple. In addition, it can also cause monetary loss and deteriorating health issues. Therefore, you must adhere to some guidelines to ensure that your dining room brings happiness and prosperity to the household.

1. Dining Room Facing Toilet is Bad Feng Shui

The dining room is where family members gather to eat good food, while the toilet is a place of dirty or unclean energy, so it is not good to have them face each other.

In Chinese term, we call it “病从口入” (Sickness comes from the mouth), which indicate the poor health of the family, so you must avoid this layout at all cost.

Moreover, bathrooms facing the dining room do not provide an ideal dining experience for family members or guests.

2. Avoid Having The Dining Room Within The Kitchen

Having your dining room inside your kitchen may seem like a great idea initially, but it can create some problems along the way. The space typically used for food prep and storage is now being used to hold your table and chairs. Additionally, you will have less room for other functional necessities such as cooking equipment and a refrigerator.

It will be best if you avoid combining your kitchen and dining hall into one space. When you start to cook, it will accumulate soot, and in the long run, it will affect your hygiene and eventually harm your health.

3. Dining Room In Direct View of Main Entrance Cause Wealth Leak

If the dining room is in a location that is too close to the front door, it symbolizes that your guests will “eat and run.” If you encounter this situation, you can remedy it by using a divider partition or beaded curtains from the initial view upon entering the main door.

feng shui dining room tips


4. Overhead Beam Above Dining Table Cause Health Issue

The ceiling above your dining room should be flat without any beams or irregular structures. However, if there are overhead beams above the dining table, it will cause health problems for the family members.

There are different effects, and it depends on the beam’s position. For example, if you have a beam above the dining table, it will hinder the ability of people to digest and over time, it can lead to the gastroenterology health issue.

5. Do Not Use Bright Colour In The Dining Room

Feng Shui experts recommend having a neutral colour for the dining table. For example, an ideal selection is wood colour, coffee colour and black. On the other hand, do not use glaring and bright colours.

However, don’t worry if you have already invested in a bright, expensive dining table. You can resolve this problem by putting a neutral colour tablecloth onto the existing one.

6. Installing Mirror To Reflect Abundance

Having mirrors in the dining room to attract good Feng Shui is highly debatable. However, some schools of thought believe that Mirrored walls or mirrors are beneficial in a dining room because they give the perception of doubling the amount of food.

The amount of food on your dining room table is a synchronistic mirror of your ability to draw love and prosperity into your life. Remember not to put clutter receipts on the table because it might also symbolize doubling your bills.

7. Round Dining Table Symbolizes Unity

Traditionally, round tables are preferable in dining settings because they create a sense of unity and equality. Round tables also allow friends and family members to talk face to face, which means no one is left out or forgotten.

8. Ensure a Well-Lit and Ventilated Dining Room

Dining rooms can be made more comfortable by adding more light and ventilation. It will keep the guests feeling good and increase their satisfaction. Adding lights will also add a dramatic effect that makes it seem like you have more space.

9. Do Not Push The Table Against The Wall

To have a dining room with good Feng Shui, you should not position the dining table against a wall. This configuration symbolizes that additional guests are unwelcome and might create a poor impression.

Instead, float the table so that anyone can sit on any side of the table without any obstructions.



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