What Make A Good Feng Shui House?

Are you looking to create good Feng Shui in your current house or hunting a new house with good Feng Shui elements? If yes, this is the article for you. We will cover some straightforward and simple guidelines that will assist you along the way.

Undermentioned is the checklist or criteria of a good Feng Shui house.

1. Look around the exterior environment of your house

Before you look into the interior of your house, you should first explore the exterior Feng Shui of your house, for example, there should be no Sha Chi (attacking energy) / poison arrow facing your house, near to police station, cemetery or others. 

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A house with good exterior landform Feng Shui is important.

2. Strong Feng Shui Trinity in Your House

There are 3 areas in the house that you need to pay extra attention to, namely your master bedroom, main door and kitchen. Be sure that you have applied good Feng Shui foundations to these 3 areas and you have already scored a good score.

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3. Free from Clutter and Bright House

A good Feng Shui house should always be spick and span in order to allow fresh new and positive energy to flow in, instead of blocked and stagnant energy to be stuck in the area. Bright lighting should always be encouraged into the house, especially for the main door foyer (The area which you first enter into the main door), avoid dark living room but bedroom is fine.

4. Keep your bathroom door closed 

Bathroom is the area filled with the most filthy energy in the house, so always keep the door and wash basin lid closed at all time.

5. Clean your windows regularly

Main door is the mouth of your house to absorb the qi, while windows are the eyes for a clear vision that symbolise your future and career prospect, so take some newspaper, cleaning detergent and start cleaning it. 

6. Choose a house with a regular floor plan

It is always good to choose a house with a squarish or regular layout so that you will have less or even no missing sectors that will be beneficial to all family members. In the ancient time, the Chinese is very particular in the “completeness” of a house because it symbolize positive chi and it will enhance the wealth luck and bring good fortune, so a square house layout is the best of all. That is why the ancient palace is always designed in a squarish outline. If the layout is not complete, it can cause negative vibe in the house and affect the occupant luck.




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