home feng shui tips for married couple

Home Feng Shui Tips That Married Couple Must Know

In life, disagreement or argument tends to happen between husband and wife because of some trivial matters. But do you know that Feng Shui can also affect the relationship between husband and wife?

Let’s take a look of the impact of some home feng shui taboos which cause conjugal relations problem. Believe it or not, you can take a look at the home Feng Shui of someone who is divorced or having marriage problem to assess if they match most of the taboo below.

Home Feng Shui tips for better love luck in married couple

1. Husband and wife is recommended to share the same blanket and should not have separate into two quilt cover. Optimally, it is best to also share the same pillow.

2. Having a beam in bedroom means trouble because it tends to attract dispute and argument due to the pressure caused by the beam. This situation usually happen when 2 rooms are being combined into one because of the wall that is hacked will leave a beam. How to resolve? – To cover the beam on ceiling and make it flat and flushed together.

3. Two bedside nightstand must be placed at each side of the bed, if not it will cause problem to the marital relations. Beside that, it is also recommended to place lighting on each side to further enhance the relationship.


4. Avoid pink wall – It is good to take note of the color of the paint you used in the house because they symbolized different effect. It is always safe to use white that stands for pure and clean. Some people like to paint pink in bedroom because they like the romantic feeling but in home Feng Shui, it is being categorized as one of the fatal <大凶> . Pink colour tends to create the problem of third party interference, married couple relationship worsen, so do avoid in pink, especially in master bedroom.

5. Do not have open concept toilet that integrate with your bedroom – It not only cause health problem but also affect your marriage relationship.

6. Do not have mirror facing your bed – This is quite a common Feng Shui taboo as it causes insecurity and sometimes might scared yourself.  It also hurt the marriage because the reflection symbolize 3rd party intrusion in your relationship. This also apply to television because it also reflect, so use a cloth to cover if not in use, but it will be best to remove from the bedroom

7. Do not have another bed in the bedroom – Some people like to put an extra single bed inside the room to accommodate their children but it is better just to put only one bedroom in the room, because the extra bed symbolize a third party appearance.

Hope these home Feng Shui tips help to lead you to a blissful marriage, but bear in mind it is not only Feng Shui that give you a happy relationship, it is also the communication between the couple.




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