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6 Powerful Chinese Good Luck Charms For Wealth Luck

Many people have used Chinese good luck charms for centuries to bring good luck and attract wealth. These lucky charms, often in the form of amulets, statues, or talismans, are believed to carry unique properties that can help bring prosperity and success.

From symbols of luck like the Four Celestial Animals to Chinese coins, many powerful Chinese good luck charms can help you bring more fortune into your life.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the most popular Chinese good luck charms and their meanings so you can find the best one for you.

1. Chinese Emperor Coins

Chinese Emperor coins are a powerful symbol of good luck, prosperity, and success. Some Feng Shui practitioners have used them for centuries to bring positive energy into homes and workplaces.

Many believe the coins can bring abundance and protection from harm as they feature the faces of ancient Chinese emperors on one side while the other holds a square hole in the centre. In addition, many love to choose those designs with 3,5,6 or 9 coins with auspicious meanings.

Therefore, you can place these coins around the home or workplace to attract positive energy and ward off negative energies. Besides that, you can also put these three coins into your wallet/purse to bring them along wherever you go to boost your good luck.

2. Feng Shui Three-legged Toad

The Feng Shui three-legged money frog/toad is a powerful symbol of wealth and abundance. Many people worldwide believe this lucky charm can attract more money, success, and luck into their lives.

According to certain practices, you should place the Mmoney frog in a specific position in the home or office to bring good luck or money energies. For example, it can be your living room or wealth area.

The Money frog is a powerful tool for manifesting wealth and abundance, with its symbolic roots deep into mythology.

money frog feng shui

3. Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha, or Hotei or Pu-Tai, is a famous symbol of good luck and happiness in Feng Shui. Therefore, many believe having a Laughing Buddha at home or office can bring abundance, prosperity and joy. Moreover, its presence can also help to reduce stress and create positive energy in the environment.

Therefore, placing a laughing buddha in your home is a great way to bring good luck and prosperity. It would be best to put this symbol in your living room/ money area or main foyer, where you can see it first when you first step into your home, creating a positive vibe in your main entrance.

The best place for it is a high shelf or cabinet, where it can be seen by everyone who enters, ensuring that positive energy flows freely throughout your home. However, avoid placing it in your bathroom, kitchen or bedroom.

4. Lucky Fortune Cat

Feng shui lucky fortune cats have long been a popular item in Chinese culture believed to bring good luck and fortune. People place these statues in their homes or businesses to promote positive energy flow and attract wealth and abundance.

The intricate details of each cat’s design and colour carry special meanings that can help bring success, happiness, and good fortune into the home.

As a result, these cute little cats have become a staple of the modern home and office, with many people believing that having one in their space can bring positivity.


5. Feng Shui Wealth Ship

One of the most popular Chinese good luck charms is the Wealth Ship, an iconic symbol of abundance and success. Many business owners believe displaying it in the office can attract wealth into your life when placed in the right space. With its beautiful design and powerful symbolism, the Wealth Ship can be a potent tool for manifesting financial success.

It is a usual practice for people to choose to load the ship fully with gold ingots and coins.

6. Feng Shui Gem Tree

Feng shui gem crystal trees are becoming increasingly popular for their ability to bring good luck and prosperity into one’s life. These unique trees are crafted with an intricate design, consisting of gems and crystals that can be placed in any room to activate the Chi energy and bring positive energies.

In addition, there are many colours and materials in the market, but most people go for citrine to enhance their wealth luck.



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