Lucky Moles on Body and Their Interpretation

It is very normal to find moles appearing on various parts of your body, from head to toes, but the moles embody different meanings in specified position, so let’s look at which are the lucky moles on your body and see how many do you have.

6 Moles on Body That is Considered Lucky and Auspicious

1. Mole found in your head, hidden inside your hair

You will lead a smooth sailing life with benefactors helping you whenever you encounter some difficulties in life. Since birth, you are likely to have good living conditions and have no worries about food and clothing and you are well provided by your parents or the elders.

2. Hidden in your eyebrow

You are a smart and intelligent person and you will get support from your superior in career. You will also lead a blissful and happy marriage

3. Mole on the ear

The ear represent one’s wealth and health, if you have a mole under your ear, you will have an excellent wealth luck. If you have a mole inside your ear, it represent longevity and you will live a long life.

4. Mole on the shoulder

You are an individual that take responsibility in whatever you do and is a born leader. You are likely to prosper well in career or starting your own business.

5. Mole on your chest

A person with a mole in his chest indicates that he will lead a life of good fortune. She/he is good at fostering good relationships with others and made her a good entrepreneur where she can leverage on her/his network for success. It also symbolise the offspring is smart and filial.

6. Mole on the sole of the feet

People with such mole has great management skill and always gain support from friends, thus, their career will be smooth sailing and successful in their life.




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