Feng Shui Your Sitting Position in Meeting For Corporate Success

6 Office Feng Shui Tip For Seat Position in a Meeting

Based on good office Feng Shui principles, the next time you enter an office for a meeting or interview, remember to pick your seat carefully as it can affect the outcome of that meeting.

Here are some Feng Shui tips to take note to choose the best seat position for good vibes.

1. Position yourself in the area where there is no sharp corner (the corner of the meeting table or any file cabinet) this are pointing at you. It will eliminate cutting killing chi and make you feel more comfortable that in term help you to think more clearly. If you don’t believe this, try to sit at the corner with the pointed edge facing you during a sales meeting or interview and things will not come out well.

2. Sit in a chair that allow you to face your auspicious direction depending on your Kua Number will bring you success luck.

3 Never sit with your back facing the door or window because you will feel insecure of getting stabbed from the back.

4. Avoid sitting in the position that has a beam above you as it can cause oppressing stress upon the one sitting below it.

5. If you are chairing the meeting, you should position yourself in a seat that is facing the door, which is also known as a command position.

6. Do not sit in a seat that forces your feet to point at the door as this is a very inauspicious orientation.

So, where will you choose to sit in the conference room at the next meeting?




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