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5 Essential Feng Shui Tips For Exposed Pillars In The House

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placing objects in an environment to create balance and harmony and improve your life. The pillars and beams are fundamental to strengthen any building and withstand all weather over the years.

However, not every location can be altered or re-arranged in a home to achieve the best results. For example, if the pillars or beams in the house are in an unfavourable spot, they can negatively affect the house’s occupants. Furthermonre, it can create disputes amongst the household members, ill health and bad happenings.

This article will cover 5 Feng Shui tips to mitigate the problems of having pillars in a house.

1. No Pillars In Front Of The House

The front of a house is the first impression that visitors get. Therefore, paying attention to the position and placement of pillars in front of a home is essential.

In Feng Shui, it is a best practice to avoid any pillar blocking the main entrance of a house because it obstructs the inflow of positive energy. Besides, a pillar or big tree in front of the main door symbolizes career hurdles and loss of opportunity.

2. Use The Magic of Mirror

In a situation where sharp edges of the pillar are directed at you, it creates negative energy, also known as “Poison Arrow”, that is harmful to health. To remedy this, you should place a mirror on the exposed pillar to visually remove it.

However, if you use this method, remember that the mirror should not reflect the bathroom or front door. In addition, you should keep the mirror’s upper part above head level to be effective.

3. Bring in Plants to Mitigate the Negativity

An exposed pillar in any sector of the house, especially if it comes with pointed edges, is a bad Feng Shui feature. You can cover or hide these undesirable corners with large green plants.

However, there is a guideline to follow if you want to add plants to your house. First, it is crucial to take care of the plants regularly. Remove any dying or dried plants because they bring stagnant energy to the space.

Alternatively, you can even use fake plants if you find it a hassle to maintain natural plants. However, some Feng Shui experts advise against that idea, so it still depends on individual preference.

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4. No Heavy Structure in the Centre of the House

In Feng Shui, The centre of the house, also known as the “heart”, is vital because what happens in this sector affects all occupants. So, ideally, you should keep this area clear of structures, such as pillars or staircases.

A pillar or even staircase in the centre of the house is bad Feng Shui. Occupants living in such a house will face financial difficulties and health issues related to the stomach.

5. Use Cabinet or Wall Feature to Make the Pillar Visually “Disappear”

If budget and space are feasible, you can build a cabinet or feature wall to add as an extension to the pillar. This remedy will visually remove the pillar from the picture, so the Feng Shui affliction is resolved too.

In conclusion, avoiding houses with giant pillars in the house is good if you are hunting for a new home because you cannot remove them. Alternatively, you can apply Feng Shui remedies if you already live in such a house.


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