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14 Feng Shui Altar Table Tips To Usher In Auspicious Energy & Respect

Regardless if you are a beginner or expert in Feng Shui, you should be aware by now that it is totally unrelated to religion. So why does the altar table also have its own set of Feng Shui guidelines?

Most of us have our own religion and love to incorporate a space of worship into our house. It is respect if we can apply the principle of Feng Shui to the altar table to embrace the good energy too.

Feng shui Rules and Guidelines for Altar Table Placement

1. Altar must be located at a quiet and clutter less space of your house. It is best to place the altar in the living hall facing outside. The deity or god figurine face the main entrance, balcony or windows.

Avoid having your tv, sound system, piano or air-con near the altar too. Keep your rubbish bin out of this area too.
2. Position your altar against a solid wall for support backing and avoid disturbance.

3. Avoid placing your altar facing any areas that are unsightly like the toilet. It is respect to the God if you can avoid this situation.

4. Do not position your altar to share the same wall as your bedroom, especially the bed. We do not want the intimacy between the couples to cause any disrespect to the altar.

5. Shun from placing it facing directly towards a mirror as it can reflect the figurine.

6. Do not place it under the overhead beam

7. Look out for “poison arrow” when positions the altar. Shy away from area that has sharp corner pointing at the altar table.

8. Avoid positioning the altar table facing the kitchen and bedroom door too.

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Other Feng Shui Tips For Altar Table

9. Use the Wen gong or Feng Shui ruler to choose the auspicious measurement for the altar. Use the red letter (auspicious) on the ruler and avoid the black (inauspicious) one.

10. The height of the table should not be too low because it is a form of disrespect.

11. It is good to have some mantra sutra behind the altar but do not display any photo or painting.

12. If possible, always get an altar table with solid and sturdy stands. Avoid those floating altars.

13. Always keep the altar table clean and near. Remove any withered flowers offering and unused objects.

14. It is also advisable to keep this space as bright as you can. It will be good if you can keep a table lamp switched on all times.




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