Have you prayed to Tai Sui Deities for this year? I have stumbled upon an interesting and controversy article on “Tai Sui Deities” from a Taoism master. After reading, do share your view and thoughts on this matter.

Article extracted from Taoist Master Blog dot com

Praying to Tai Sui Deities for Fan Tai Sui issues?  Maybe it’s time to read this article that tells you the truth!  As a professional Taoism master, I hate seeing people falling into the scams and hoax. Therefore, I am going to reveal the truth and the history of this hoax to you all.  That’s right, Tai Sui Deities is not real, and it is a hoax.  Which means, for all of you who go to these big temples with 60 statues of the Tai Sui deities, you are praying to nothing but “evil gods”.  Scary eh?  How can you expect your year to be good?

Origin of Tai Sui Deities

The origin of Tai Sui Deities started by superstitious and a bunch of greedy bastards trying to make money off of people without educations in China. Just like many fake deities in our Chinese culture, created or entitled or labelled by the kings and queens, people will believe something when the king say it is now real.  Tai Sui Deities is no exception. It was supposed to be very scientific, and all about astrology, but somehow it didn’t turn out that way.

It’s basically talking about the planet of Jupiter and the 4 moons around it that goes orbits in a different direction, which generates frictions of the energy fields between them and the big Jupiter. Therefore, some negative energies will beam from that planet to planet Earth. Every year, a few types of people will get affected by it, and so we call them Fan Tai Sui.

So what is Tai Sui?  Tai 太, it means “Biggest”. Sui 歳, means “Year”. The ancient Chinese uses Jupiter as the planet to record their year cycle, and so they call this planet “Tai Sui”. (Ah ha~!!!)

The Chinese calendar uses two sets of “thingies” called “Tin Gone 天干” (Heavenly Stems) and “Dei Jee 地支” (Earthling Branches) to combo up their 60 years of yearly cycle, and then the combo will repeats. As you can see, we have got 60 years in a cycle, and it just repeats after that.

That is how you can get the wood dragon, water snake, etc… it’s all about the combination of the two sets of “thingies”.  The first one is “Tin Gone” (Heavenly Stems) which is usually the element (gold, wood, water, fire, earth), and the other one “Dei Jee” (Earthling Branches) is the 12 animals.

Then Where Are The Deities?

That’s right, you will now wonder, where and why are the deities related? After the astrology is confirmed to be correct, and the theory spreads, what happen is that the people want to make money out of this thing. Scam cults and crap started to brew up hoax and stories, and so they created 60 different “Gods” or “Deities” according to the elements and character of the combination. With this idea, they created 60 status of these “deities” (man-made-crap) in the temples and tell people to worship them for good luck!  So if you are on the Fan Tai Sui list, they tell you to worship XXX Deity of the year and pray for good luck. The most important thing is –> Donations to dissolve the bad luck. Donate more for MORE good luck.  Oh yeah, this shit worked on the Chinese and fooled them for thousands of years because everybody does it!  Almost EVERY Chinese temples in Asia and even Canada here does it, scary eh? (Yes, they do it in the past and present, and it is STILL being praised as the real thing…)

Let me give you an example of these deities… you will see what I mean.

(Gaap) Wood (Jee) Rat Year Tai Sui金辯 General,Rat Face,Holding Plum。

This year combo is Wood and Rat, which means the start of the year, beginning of growth, and so the guy is having a rat face, with a plum in hand, which plum symbolize the long life and health in the Chinese folk tales. Sad enough, it is all from BS made up in fictional books, not even related to Taoism at all.

Some even have Buddhist vibe too, scary eh?

(Ding) Fire (Jee) SnakeYear Tai Sui楊彥 General,Snake Face,one Hand in front of chest,telling people to be good。

(Mo) Earth (Ng) Horse  Year Tai Sui黎卿 General,Horse Face,one Hand Holding lotus,one leg without shoes putting on top of the other leg’s lap.

Doesn’t the first one sounds like Buddha vibe?  The second one with a “lotus”…? Gosh we don’t even talk about lotus in Taoism, that’s totally Buddhist!

As you can see, it is all very much a bunch of non-sense.

Here are the English and Chinese version of the 60 Tai Sui Deities!  Gosh, it took me a long time to translate them all!!!

English Version

(Gaap) Wood (Jee) Rat Year Tai Sui金辯 General,Rat Face,Holding Plum。

(Yuet) Wood (Chow) Ox Year Tai Sui陳材 General,Ox Face,Holding Small Spear。

(Bing) Fire (Yan) Tiger Year Tai Sui耿章 General,Tiger Face,Holding Yue-Yi Charm。

(Ding) Fire (Maau) Rabbit Year Tai Sui沈興 General,Rabbit Face,Holding Spear。

(Mo) Earth (Sun) Dragon Year Tai Sui趙達 General,Dragon Face,Both Hands Holding Dragon Cane。

(Gei) Earth (Jee) Snake Year Tai Sui郭燦 General,Snake Face,Holding a staff。

(Gang) Gold (Ng) Horse  Year Tai Sui王濟 General,Horse Face,Holding a roll of painting。

(Sunn) Gold (Mei) Sheep Year Tai Sui李素 General,Sheep Face,Hand Holding Iron Whip。

(Yam) Water (Sun) Monkey Year Tai Sui劉旺 General,Monkey Face,Hand Holding a Book。

(Kwai) Water (Yau) Chicken Year Tai Sui康志 General,Chicken Face,Holding Commanding Flag。

(Gaap) Wood (Sut) Dog Year Tai Sui施廣 General,Dog Face,Holding Jade Plate。

(Yuet) Wood (Hoi) Pig Year Tai Sui任保 General,Pig Face,Holding Iron Whip。

(Bing) Fire (Jee) Rat Year Tai Sui郭嘉 General,Rat Face,Hand Holding a Gourd。

(Ding) Fire (Chow) Ox Year Tai Sui汪文 General,Ox Face,Holding a melon。

(Mo) Earth (Yan) Tiger Year Tai Sui魯先 General,Tiger Face,Hand holding plum tree branches。

(Gei) Earth (Maau) Rabbit Year Tai SuiDragon 仲 General,Rabbit Face,Holding a whisk。

(Gang) Gold (Sun) Dragon Year Tai Sui董德 General,Dragon Face,holding a container。

(Sunn) Gold (Jee) Snake Year Tai Sui鄭但 General,Snake Face,Both Hands Holding a roll of painting。

(Yam) Water (Ng) Horse  Year Tai Sui陸明 General,Horse Face,Holding a Vertical Flag。

(Kwai) Water (Mei) Sheep Year Tai Sui魏仁 General,Sheep Face,Bare Foot,Holding Yue-Yi Charm。

(Gaap) Wood (Sun) Monkey Year Tai Sui方傑 General,Monkey Face,Holding a Charm。

(Yuet) Wood (Yau) Chicken Year Tai Sui蔣崇 General,Chicken Face,Holding Double Hook Swords。

(Bing) Fire (Sut) Dog Year Tai Sui白敏 General,Dog Face,Holding a fan。

(Ding) Fire (Hoi) Pig Year Tai Sui封濟 General,Pig Face,Holding iron whip。

(Mo) Earth (Jee) Rat Year Tai Sui鄒鐺 General,Rat Face,Sitting。

(Gei) Earth (Chow) Ox Year Tai Sui傅佑 General,Ox Face,Holding spear。

(Gang) Gold (Yan) Tiger Year Tai Sui鄔桓 General,Tiger Face,Holding Lemongrass。

(Sunn) Gold (Maau) Rabbit Year Tai Sui範甯 General,Rabbit Face,Holding a sword。

(Yam) Water (Sun) Dragon Year Tai Sui彭泰 General,Dragon Face,Both Hands Holding Dragon 。

(Kwai) Water (Jee) Snake Year Tai Sui徐單 General,Snake Face,Holding a container。

(Gaap) Wood (Ng) Horse  Year Tai Sui章詞 General,Horse Face,Holding a Zither。

(Yuet) Wood (Mei) Sheep Year Tai Sui楊仙 General,Sheep Face,Holding a sword。

(Bing) Fire (Sun) Monkey Year Tai Sui管仲 General,Monkey Face,Hand Holding Yue Yi Charm。

(Ding) Fire (Yau) Chicken Year Tai Sui唐傑 General,Chicken Face,Holding Wolf Teeth Spikes Club。

(Mo) Earth (Sut) Dog Year Tai Sui姜武 General,Dog Face,Holding a plate for reading。

(Gei) Earth (Hoi) Pig Year Tai Sui謝太 General,Pig Face,sitting。

(Gang) Gold (Jee) Rat Year Tai Sui盧秘 General,Rat Face,Holding a Blade。

(Sunn) Gold (Chow) Ox Year Tai Sui楊信 General,Ox Face,holding a brush。

(Yam) Water (Yan) Tiger Year Tai Sui賀諤 General,Tiger Face,Raising a sword。

(Kwai) Water (Maau) Rabbit Year Tai Sui皮時 General,Rabbit Face,sitting。

(Gaap) Wood (Sun) Dragon Year Tai Sui李誠 General,Dragon Face,one Hand Holding a sword, one Handholding a piece of cloth。

(Yuet) Wood (Jee) Snake Year Tai Sui吳遂 General,Snake Face,Holding Snake-shape spear。

(Bing) Fire (Ng) Horse  Year Tai Sui文哲 General,Horse Face,Holding a blade。

(Ding) Fire (Mei) Sheep Year Tai Sui繆(Bing) Fire  General,Sheep Face, one Hand Holding a plum。

(Mo) Earth (Sun) Monkey Year Tai Sui徐浩 General,Monkey Face,Holding nail and hammer。

(Gei) Earth (Yau) Chicken Year Tai Sui程寶 General,Chicken Face,sitting。

(Gang) Gold (Sut) Dog Year Tai Sui倪秘 General,Dog Face,Walking stick。

(Sunn) Gold (Hoi) Pig Year Tai Sui葉堅 General,Pig Face,Left Hand holding a fist。

(Yam) Water (Jee) Rat Year Tai Sui丘德 General,Rat Face,Hand Holding flower。

(Kwai) Water (Chow) Ox Year Tai Sui朱得 General,Ox Face,Holding a melon。

(Gaap) Wood (Yan) Tiger Year Tai Sui張朝 General,Tiger Face,Sitting。

(Yuet) Wood (Maau) Rabbit Year Tai Sui萬清 General,Rabbit Face,Sitting Cross Leg。

(Bing) Fire (Sun) Dragon Year Tai Sui(Sunn) Gold 亞 General,Dragon Face, Left Hand Hold a fist,both sleeves flying up.

(Ding) Fire (Jee) Snake Year Tai Sui楊彥 General,Snake Face,one Hand in front of chest,telling people to be good。

(Mo) Earth (Ng) Horse  Year Tai Sui黎卿 General,Horse Face,one Hand Holding lotus,one leg withoutshoes putting on top of the other leg’s lap.

(Gei) Earth (Mei) Sheep Year Tai Sui傅黨 General,Sheep Face,one Hand holding a fist,one Hand Holding spear。

(Gang) Gold (Sun) Monkey Year Tai Sui毛梓 General,Monkey Face,Hand holding long spear。

(Sunn) Gold (Yau) Chicken Year Tai Sui石政 General,Chicken Face,Holding a sword and sit。

(Yam) Water (Sut) Dog Year Tai Sui洪充 General,Dog Face,Both Hands Holding holding a fist。

(Kwai) Water (Hoi) Pig Year Tai Sui虞程 General,Pig Face,a high authority ranking robe on the body。

Chinese Version


Pray to Tai Sui?

Praying to Tai Sui for the Fan Tai Sui issue will not work, because you are doing nothing but praying to “Evil Gods“. Because the deities are all man-made, and so no one is there to even receive your prayers. If you pray to the empty statues, evil things will be there to claim it, and there goes the “Evil Gods“. You will not have any good luck but bad luck instead. Do not go to any temples that pray to Tai Sui, they are nothing but evil scams! Besides, Taoist do not “Worship” at all. Only cults and scam sects will do it!

What are your thoughts after reading? Will you still go to pray? Here is this year chart for your reference.

Fan Tai Sui 2014

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