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7 Weirdest Pregnancy Taboos and Chinese Superstitions

Realizing that you’re expecting a baby can bring immense joy and a list of do’s and don’ts. It is particularly true if you live in a Chinese society loaded with many taboos in significant milestones in your life. For example, it can be our wedding, birthday, Chinese New Year, Hungry Ghost month, and not forgetting pregnancy.

During these ten months of pregnancy, you’ll likely receive a multitude of advice from those around you, emphasizing what you should and shouldn’t do. While some of these superstitions may evoke unpleasant feelings, they present a valuable opportunity to explore and challenge the old pregnancy myths you disagree with, engaging in meaningful conversations with the older generation.

Let’s start with the pregnancy taboos and superstitions and see which is acceptable in this modern era.

1. Say “No” To Home Renovation or Moving House

According to some Chinese beliefs, hammering nails or repainting the house can result in giving birth to a baby with a birthmark or physical deformity.

On the other hand, some believe that a baby spirit (胎神) is constantly moving around in the house. Therefore, any significant renovation might easily harm the baby’s spirit and cause miscarriage or danger.

However, if you explained it more logically, it is recommended for the pregnant woman to avoid any activities that require heavy lifting that increase the chances of an accident. In addition, you can reduce the possibility of exposure to latex paints if there is no painting, so you and the growing fetus will not be affected.

2. Announcing The Good New In The First 3 Months Is Pregnancy Taboo

There is a widespread belief among many that the fetus is vulnerable during the first three months of pregnancy (1st trimester). Therefore, disclosing the pregnancy to other people too early may pose a risk of miscarriage.

3. No Sharp Objects On The Bed

In Chinese belief, the bed represent fertility and marriage, so it is advisable to avoid having scissor or needles as they symbolize cutting. In addition, some people believe that if you use scissors or needles during pregnancy, you might give birth to a baby with a cleft lip.

4. Surround Yourself With Beautiful and Positive Things

Avoid putting paintings/sculpture of wild and fierce animal figures like a tiger in the house.

It might affect the pregnant woman’s mood, and you should place adorable baby photos instead. Believe it or not, the law of attraction works.

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5. Don’t Attend Funerals (Unless Necessary)

Typically, pregnant women should refrain from participating in funeral-related activities to avoid exposure to negative energy. Like a graveyard, such locations are full of “Yin” and negative energy. Therefore it should be a forbidden place for pregnant women too.

If attending such events becomes necessary, it is customary for pregnant women to wear a red scarf around their belly to ” protect” the baby.

6. Avoid Attending Wedding Too

It might seem sensible to avoid attending the funeral, but why can’t a pregnant woman join the joyous event? It is a Chinese belief that mixing two happy events will create a “clash of joy” (喜沖喜) that is not good for both parties.

7. No Moving of Big Furnitures

You must be considering shifting the furniture around to allocate space for the coming baby, but halt. It is not recommended, especially for your bed. Based on the Chinese belief, moving the bed is just like “moving the foetus (动胎气)”, which might cause pregnancy implications.

You might think these pregnancy taboos are just superstition or myth, but there is no harm in believing them than being sorry.



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