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Rat Chinese Zodiac Animal Sign Forecast 2021

Zodiac Animal Sign: Rat (鼠)

Year: 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008

Compatible Zodiac Sign (s): Dragon and Monkey

2021 Rat Chinese Zodiac Sign Forecast

Rejoice to all rats because you are leaping into a more promising and smooth sailing year, as compared to 2020. Things will go smoothly in wealth, career, and relationship but there might some minor obstacles along the way. Don’t fret, they will be overcome and you will achieve your desired result.

On top of that, you might have chances to encounter joyous events and good fortune.

Wealth Luck

  • 80% 80%

In terms of financial luck in 2021, the rat friends will enjoy a considerably positive wealth stream with income or commission from their full-time job under the influence of the auspicious star.
Besides that, it is also good to work on some sideline business and the outcome will be desirable.

There is no worry about large unexpected expenditures, but it is always good to be prudent and thrifty.

Career Luck

  • 85% 85%

With benefactors, superiors, and peers supporting you in your job, you can strive your best to achieve a new breakthrough in your career. You will be taking on greater responsibilities and in charge of important projects. It is time to show your professionalism, work earnestly to overcome all difficulties to complete the tasks well.

The rat will be recognized for the hard work and effort by their superior. Eventually, they will get a salary increment and promotion.

For those at the management level, there is a high chance of recruiting competent subordinates and resolve work problems with their assistance.


rat zodiac love

Love Luck

  • 85% 85%

Your peach blossom luck is blooming, so expect a promising romantic love relationship in 2021. For those who are still single, remember to be more sociable by accepting dinner or event invitations. You never know that a simple friendship might turn into an intimate one.

For couples that are in a relationship for a long time, time is ripe to ring your wedding bells and bring your relationship to another level before it turns stale.

Health Luck

  • 75% 75%

In terms of health, the overall health condition is quite good in 2021 and there is not much to worry about.

In this prosperous year for the rat, you will tend to be busier with work and have to attend more social events. Avoid drinking too much that can affect your health. Remember to have adequate rest and a balanced proper diet.

Pay special attention to traffic safety when driving to avoid violating any traffic regulations.

 Disclaimer: All zodiac sign forecast curated in this article are intended for general reference and entertainment purpose. For more accurate and personalized outlook forecast, it is recommended to approach a professional educational consultant to understand more.




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