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Choose The Right Feng Shui Painting for Bedroom

In our previous article, we have covered on the topic to help you to identify good or bad Feng Shui painting for your home, today we will share some tips to choose the right Feng Shui Painting for bedroom.

It is always a good practice to keep your bedroom as uncluttered and clean as possible, but many of us would like to bring some artwork into this space to enhance the feeling of beauty. However, you must know to choose the suitable ones for your bedroom, because a good painting is beneficial to your sleep quality and health, while a bad one might bring in negative vibes instead. So how do we choose the appropriate one?

How to select the right Feng Shui Painting for bedroom?

1. Avoid hanging an oversized painting because you might feel intimidated and insecure with the feeling that this heavy object might drop down anytime.

2. Do not neglect or overlook the content of the painting because it does matter. Scenery that is deemed to be inauspicious and ominous should not be displayed, for example, sunset and withered flower, symbolizing the downfall of a relationship.

3. Religious symbols, regardless if it is in the form of statues or painting should be made out of bounds in the bedroom. Since this is a space of intimacy, it can be considered as a disrespect.

4. You should carefully choose those painting that emit off feeling of elegance, peace, harmony, for example a floral picture like peony that can bring a harmonous atmosphere to the room.


Abstract painting might give people a feeling of confusion and distraction

5. Abstract painting that is difficult to interpret as the lines are confusing might make you feel tense and nervous at all time.

6. The Chinese love anything in a pair as it symbolize balance and Yin/Yang, so any pictures that has double is well suited. It might include the double happiness symbol, a pair of swallow and many others that can improve the love relationship luck.

7. Avoid painting of nudity or adult content at all cost as it might have a negative impact on the couple’s relationship.

8. Images with ferocious animals like lion, tiger, eagle preying should be kept away from the house, not only just the bedroom alone.

9. Since water fountain is not suitable to be in the bedroom, painting with rushing water falls are best to be removed from this space too.




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