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6 Essential Tree Feng Shui Tips To Bring Positive Vibes

In Feng Shui, natural green lushes like trees, plants, and landscaping are essential in creating and harmonizing positive energy in our living space. Trees are well known for their strength, beauty and life-giving quality, symbolizing growth. In addition, trees can influence the energy or Chi flow in our surroundings.

Besides blocking direct glaring sunlight and providing shade, it also helps to keep the surrounding environment clean and refreshing. To some extent, you can also use trees to neutralize Feng Shui challenges such as T-junction, sharp corners from external buildings, etc.

Therefore, we must also know the right Feng Shui tree tips for beneficial and supportive energy. Otherwise, it obstructs and limits our opportunities in life.

Let’s explore some tree Feng Shui tips to create balance, vitality, and positive energy within our homes and outdoor spaces.

1. Avoid Big Tree In Front Of The Main Door

The main door represents our potential opportunities, so we should avoid planting a big tree before the entrance. If there is a tree blocking the door, it symbolizes obstructed opportunities and might cause financial and career challenges.

2. Use Trees To Your Advantage

Trees can protect against negative energies generated by external factors if used correctly. One such example is when your house is situated at the intersection of a T-junction or faces a sharp corner of a building. In such cases, strategically planting trees around your property can help deflect or absorb the unfavourable energy, creating a buffer zone that shields your home from potentially disruptive influences.

As a result, these trees can harmonize the flow of energy and promote a more serene and balanced environment within your living space.

3. Tree in Form Feng Shui

The different tree positions have meanings when you are viewing out of the door.

Left Side (the Green Dragon): Plant big-sized and tall trees. It stands for protection and attracting benefactors into your life.

Right Side (the White Tiger): It is ideal for planting Low shrubs instead because tall trees on the right might cause an imbalance between the masculine/yang and feminine/yin energies. It might lead to arguments and disharmony in the household.

Rear (The Black Warrior/Turtle): Big and sturdy trees to represent “Mountain support” in life and provide a sense of protection.

Front (Scarlet bird / Phoenix ): Avoid having a big tree or a lamppost directly in front of your house. It symbolizes the blockage of opportunities and fortune. Besides that, it also gives the occupants an uncomfortable oppression feeling.

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4. Trees Should Not Touch Your House

Avoid overgrown trees touching the house because they can drain good energy away from the space. It is good to maintain or trim them when necessary. For those planning to buy a home or apartment with low-level units in a building, remember to look through your windows to check for such situations.

5. Remove Dying or Withering Trees

Dead or withered trees can draw significant energy from a house, potentially disrupting the overall energetic balance. Therefore, in Feng Shui, it is advisable to remove dead trees promptly, mainly when someone in the house is ill.

It is because the presence of a dead tree can amplify negative energies and create an imbalanced environment, which may hinder the healing process and impede the flow of positive energy.

Therefore, by eliminating the source of draining energy, you can help restore a more vibrant and harmonious atmosphere, allowing the residents to benefit from a healthier and more conducive environment for recovery.

6. Choosing The Right Tree is Crucial For Good Feng Shui

The selection of trees and plants indeed holds significance in Feng Shui. Choosing suitable trees and plants can improve your living space’s overall harmony and positive energy. While individual interpretations and preferences may vary, here are some general considerations regarding tree selection:

In Feng Shui, people often associate willow trees with sadness, creating a gloomy atmosphere. Therefore, some practitioners advise avoiding planting willow trees close to your house.

On the other hand, we should choose trees with auspicious meanings because they bring positive energies. These good Feng shui trees include bamboo, which symbolizes growth and flexibility, and orange or lime trees, associated with abundance and good fortune. These trees are often welcomed in gardens or outdoor spaces to enhance positive vibrations.



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