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What Does Bat Symbolize in Chinese Culture? Use It To Attract Good Luck

Bats have a bad reputation because they are the carrier of diseases. Besides that, they are also closely related to the blood-sucking vampire, haunted castle, evil witches in western movies. But in the Chinese culture, it reflects another story, and many people love this symbol (not the real thing), so do you want to know what does bat symbolize?

People regard the bat as an auspicious lucky symbol for wealth and prosperity in Chinese culture. In some Feng Shui practices, the bat symbolizes wealth because the Chinese word “bat – “福 Fu” sounds like “Prosperity, blessing, good luck”.

You can find bat symbols illustrated in Feng Shui wealth cures. Some examples are the money bowl, Chinese coin tassel, amulet etc. Besides that, you can also find it engraved in rosewood furniture, cushion design, bowls, architecture and many more.

What Does Bat Symbolize in Chinese Culture


How does the bat symbol used in Feng Shui?

– It can be positioned in the West or Northwest sector of the house to improve your mentor’s luck to attract support from benefactors.

– Hang them at the exterior of the door or window to counter illness and ward off evil.

What does a group of 5 bats represent?

Many believe that this combination is a more powerful cure to attract luck in all aspects of your life. Five bats surrounding the Chinese character “Fu” are well-liked by Chinese artists to illustrate in their work to symbolize the five blessings. They are prosperity, longevity, love, good health and natural death at old age.

A red bat is preferred because red is considered a lucky colour that brings good luck. In addition, the red sound like “宏” in Chinese, so when it combines the two words, it forms” 宏福”, meaning vast fortune.

What does it mean if the bats live in your house?

It is believed to be a strong sign that the family is going to get wealthier as the bat is a symbol of abundance and prosperity.

This phenomenon is an auspicious omen the family will get wealthier as the bat symbolizes abundance and prosperity.




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