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Fu Lu Shou Significance and Meaning – Symbol of Happiness Wealth and Longevity

Fu Lu Shou, also known as the Three Star Gods (San Xing 三星 in Chinese) are widely welcomed by millions of household and business around the globe due to their auspicious symbolism of Happiness, Prosperity and Longevity that everyone wishes for.

Fu Lu Shou are not usually not being worshipped nor need any offering. Anyone may feel free to display these three Chinese lucky star gods in their home or offices to enhance good fortune, wealth & prosperity and health. Beside that, it is also believed that they bring harmony to the household.

Fu 福

This most auspicious and popular Chinese Character Fu represent blessings of prosperity, good fortune and happiness. It is an old man of wisdom that is often illustrated carrying a child or an imperial scroll.

What does it means?

The Child – symbolising the passing down of good luck and fortune to their descendent and many generations down the roads

The Imperial Scroll – To advocate the importance of knowledge and learning of the Ancient wisdom

Lu 禄

The Lu chinese character refer to one’s career and wealth abundance.  Lu is often depicted carrying either a ru yi (symbol of authority and higher social status) or a pile of golden ingots that make it a good wealth symbol.

Shou 寿

Shou is always portraited with a high forehead with a big smile holding a peach (the fruit of immortality) / Wu Lou in his hand as this is a symbol of youth, good health and long life. Beside that, he is holding a staff that has attached the gourd containing the Elixir of life that symbolize longevity.


Where to Place Fu Lu Shou?

1. Based on most Chinese belief, Fu Lu Shou should be placed in a prominent location in either your dining room or living room and they will attract good fortune and bring harmony to the household.

2. If you are displaying it in your office space, you can consider placing them in the lobby office reception that will help to attract wealth and prosperity.

3. At your workspace, Fu Lu Shou can be placed behind you as a support and attracting good fortune.

4. Treat them with respect and do not place them on the floor or in the bathroom.

5. Fu Lu Shou are always positioned together in a row in a specific arrangement (Left: Fu, Center: Lu, Right: Shou) to bring people happiness and good wishes in life.




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