Feng Shui Symbols for Wealth

10 Feng Shui Symbols for Wealth Unveiled (Don’t Miss)

There are plenty of ways to use Feng Shui symbols for wealth to enhance your money’s luck. One of the most straightforward ways is to decorate your home and workplace with Feng Shui money enhancers.

However, not everyone is a fan of these lucky trinkets. You must love the symbols and ensure they can blend into the overall house decor. Therefore, you can begin by finding your wealth area and maintaining it well to attract good energy into the living space. It is good to avoid placing too many ornaments in a room because it might bring harm than benefit. Do not overdecorate your house to become a Chinese temple.

Let’s go through the list of Feng Shui symbols for wealth now.

1. Pixiu – Symbol of Wealth

Pixiu is one of the most popular lucky symbols believed to help its owner benefit from monetary gain and windfall luck.

According to Chinese legend, this celestial beast is the 9th son of the heavenly dragon and has a unique appearance. It combines the dragon head, a horse’s body, chi Lin feet, and the look-alike of a lion. It also has wings on both sides and is believed to attract wealth from all directions.

However, the most significant feature is that it has no anus, signifying allowing incoming wealth to accumulate and prevent them from leaking out.

Many people who want to improve their money luck love Pixiu. It comes in many forms and materials, for example, figurines, bracelets, gold jewellery accessories, etc.



2. Wealth Ship – Usher in Good Fortune

The wealth ship is a typical decor in the offices of Chinese business owners and bosses. They believed this lucky symbol could help increase wealth and open new opportunities. As a result, many will fill the ship with items like gold ingots, gemstones, coins, and anything that signifies money.

3. Fish Symbol (The Arowana)

The Arowana fish, also popularly known as the golden dragon, is regarded as a Feng Shui symbol to bring wealth luck to its owner. You can use living Arowana fish, artistic decoration figurines, or paintings in your home or office.

4. Lucky Fortune Cat – Maneki Neko

Maneki Neko’s cat originated from Japan and is one of the most commonly used wealth symbols. Many believe this symbol brings good luck and is a money magnet. Therefore, it has many names like lucky cat, money cat, and fortune cat, and people usually position it at the entrance of shops. The raised palm of the cat shows a welcoming action that signifies inviting the money luck into the stores.

In the market, various colours and design patterns of a lucky cat have different meanings. Find out more in this article – Everything you need to know about the lucky cat.

lucky cat for wealth


5. Laughing Buddha

In Chinese culture, the laughing Buddha is a well-known symbol that can bring good luck, happiness, and wealth into one’s life. There are many different versions, and if you are looking for one specifically for money luck, you can choose one holding or sit on a pile of gold.

6. Money Plants or Tree

Many indoor plants are well known to attract good fortune to their owners. Apart from the lucky bamboo, putting different money plants in the home and office has been a widespread practice by many.

Besides that, these natural plants also help to bring fresh energy and add some greenery to create a conducive space to live or work.

7. Crystal Stones

If you are a crystal lover, you will love these two stones that are well known for receiving wealth energy. They are namely Pyrite (Fool’s Gold) Stone and citrine crystal.

Manifesting with these gemstones aids you in recognizing and accepting opportunities without procrastination. Once you approach your life and career positively, the money luck will follow.

8. Money Frog or Toad

The three-legged money toad or frog is a famous money symbol in some Feng Shui applications. You can always see this creature depicted with a big coin in its mouth. Many people believe that positioning one in the money corner in your home can bring money luck to the household.

money frog feng shui

9. God of Wealth

In Chinese society, the God of Wealth, Tsai Shen Yeh, is everyone’s favourite because it is said to bring wealth and an abundance of good luck. There are many versions, but many people love the one holding a gold ingot in one hand and a Ru Yi scepter in the other.

If you intend to get one, you must feel the affinity for it and choose an auspicious date using the almanac as a guide to invite him home.

10. Water Fountain

You should have heard before that water symbolized wealth in Chinese belief, so water fountains have been used in the Feng Shui configuration because they bring in the water element.

If you intend to put one at home, ensure it is adequately maintained, and the water should flow instead of stagnant. It is because moving water symbolizes constant cash flow and wealth luck.

Besides that, it is also vital to place it in the correct position that does not conflict with the elements. If you are unfamiliar with that, it is good to consult a Feng Shui professional. If placed wrongly, it might do more harm than good.

There is always a misconception that inviting these wealth Feng Shui symbols into your house/office can bring you an instant windfall, but there is more to the eye.

Leveraging good Feng Shui alone does not guarantee wealth immediately if you do not work for it. Instead, they can give you a boost to get started striving for what you want.



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