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7 Must See Living Room Feng Shui Do’s and Don’ts

Under-mentioned listed are the Living Room Feng Shui Do’s and Don’ts that you must take note..

1. Do not decorate your living room like a hotel, restaurant or nightclub

Some people like to decorate their living room by taking reference to the design of a 5 star hotel, high class restaurant or even a top night club in order to show off their wealth. It might look magnificent in the first place but it is totally not practical and also useless in the eye of Feng Shui.

This type of living room will give you a feel of a fresh beginning in the start, but soon, you will find that something is always missing.

People living in this house will tend to have the misconception that they are living in a hotel, instead of a home, so this will create problem in family member’s relationship, especially married couple that might lead to divorce. Therefore, living room should be decorated in a way that it is comfortable, warm and practical.

2. A messy living room is definitely a big Feng Shui NO NO

A messy living room full of clutter always make people uncomfortable also make the thinking to be slow, so it is advisable to keep the living room clean and free of clutter.

3. Do not position your air con system above the sofa

If you have an air con system blowing the the sofa under it, it will make the person sitting on the couch to lose their judgement due to the coldness. It is recommended to move the sofa away from the air conditioner to prevent this problem. You can check out more air con Feng Shui tips here.

4. Do not put horns, animal head, animal skins, dried flowers

Horns, animal head, animal skins, dried flowers, etc are originally made from dead objects so if you place it in the living room, it will cause a negative vibe in the living human environment. Beside that, it will also cause career and business problem.

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5. Placing Feng Shui ornaments or mascot in the wrong place

Crystal column, Crystal cave, aquarium and many other Feng Shui ornament are the most commonly seen and used objects in a home for the purpose of attracting wealth, but it need certain knowledge to know where to activate and position them correctly. If you put the item in the wrong position, instead of attracting good luck, it might just bring you bad luck.

6. Display items that symbolize auspicious  meaning

It is recommended to hang Feng Shui paintings with the undermentioned:

a. Peony – In China, Peony is national flower and with wealth and auspicious meaning

b. Mountain and Water – Mountain indicate that you have huge support for your career and business  and water flowing represent inviting wealth

c. Fish – In the tradition of the Chinese, fish has a very good meaning that every year has enough to spend. So Chinese fish painting is auspicious painting.

d. Bamboo – It signify good career development and promotion. So you can hang some bamboo painting in your living room.

7. Do not decorate with sharp objects

It is advisable to avoid decorating your living room with sharp objects, like axe, sword and etc. It will attract bad luck and cause more accident to happen.

Hope these 7 tips will help you in renovating your living room in a good Feng Shui way.

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