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5 Terrible Feng Shui Bedroom Layouts You Should Avoid

Bedrooms play a crucial role in home Feng Shui. Therefore, we need to choose the right Feng Shui bedroom layouts carefully. But on the other hand, making the wrong choice might also affect our relationship, health, and well-being.

Your bed is the most significant piece of furniture in your life that you must take good care of because it is the haven that you spend one-third (6 – 8 hours) daily, so it has a closely knitted connection to your energy.

To create a good Feng Shui bedroom layout, you should also know the poor placements to avoid too. Here are the five commonly seen worst Feng shui bed placements you should avoid.

1. A Bed Under the Window Create Insecurity and Distraction

When rejuvenating and resting at night, we need strong support and protection to yield the best results. That is why Feng Shui always suggests a solid backing is essential regardless of sofa, stove, table and bed. Therefore, having a good solid headboard is a must in our bedroom and of course, it must have a concrete wall behind your bed.

If you are sleeping under the windows, your sleep quality might be affected. It is due to the disruption of the Chi from the surrounding outside environment. With your head just under the window, the light coming in will affect your sleep, and you will also feel a lack of security.

In addition, if you are living near a busy street, you might also be affected by the noise and polluted air. All these factors will harm your health and quickly drain your energy.


2. A Bed Under A Sloped Ceiling or Beam Create Oppressive Feeling

If you sleep under a sloped ceiling or a beam, you will feel your energy is continuously under pressure. This layout will make you feel distressed quickly and make you feel weak. When you are in such a situation for a long time, it will eventually affect your mental and overall health, so avoid it at all costs.

In a nutshell, choosing the suitable types of ceilings is crucial and avoiding the wrong ones.

3. Bed Facing a Big Mirror Exhaust Your Personal Energy 

It will be best to avoid having a big mirror facing directly towards your bed because it sucks up your vital energy and causes poor sleep quality. Besides that, you might be frightened by your reflection when you wake up in the middle of the night. Besides that, some Feng Shui experts also believe that this bedroom layout might cause a 3rd party to intervene in the relationship.

However, remember to conceal it if you need mirrors in the bedroom. The best solution is to install it inside the wardrobe and use it whenever required. Mirrors might be great, but you must know how to position them to avoid bad luck.

4. Sleeping with Legs Facing The Bedroom Door Cause Heath Issue

In Feng Shui, we called this bedroom layout the “Coffin Bed”, as this position resembles people carrying a dead body out of the room. But, apart from this scary tag, the discordant energy gushing through the room cause instability of the Chi flow, affecting your health.

The best remedy is to move the bed to another position. If not, use a footboard or a divider in between the space.

5. Bed Facing Toilet Door Create Negative Vibes and Poor Health

If your toilet door is facing directly towards your bed, it will negatively impact your health. This is because the bad foul smell and air circulating the area will affect the specified part of your body in the direction of the toilet door.

Alternatively, you can use some remedies to resolve the lousy bedroom layout of the toilet door facing the bed.



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