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Angel Number Meaning and Symbolism

Have you heard of people asking you to make a wish when you see 11:11 on the clock? These are the sacred angel number with attached meanings behind them. It is believed that everyone has a guardian angel to aid us in this world by sending us signal or hint through these angel numbers.

But do you know the meaning behind each set of random or repeating numbers?

Angel Number Meaning and Basic Interpretations

Angel NumberMeanings and Symbolism
000It is a good sign because you are protected by spiritual energy and assist to guide you to find the path you are destined to follow
111Inspire you to pursue your spirit. You are on the right path if you see this number. Listen to your guts and follow your heart.
222You are on the right track and time. Put all faith and trust in what you want to achieve. Ignore and do not think of any undesirable result that might obstruct your decision.
333It symbolise that help are just nearby to ensure that your plans are going well
444It means that you are protected by positive and beneficial things in your life. So pay attention to your thoughts when you see this number.
555It is a sign that you are going through a positive change in life around you, so embrace it and be ready
666It is an indication for you to step back and ask yourself what is going wrong and right. It is time to find a balance in life.
777It is a reminder for you to release all fear and be strong to welcome your future with excitement,
888You are in harmony with the universe and will be living with abundance.
999It is a sign that an important aspect of your life is coming to an ending and need to wrap up in order to start new journey ahead.
1111It is encouraging you to create a new beginning and doors to new opportunities are opened, so take action.
2222It is a sign to encourage you to handle the time of turmoil with faith to fight against all odds against you. Things will get better.
3333It is a sign that support are around whenever you need it, so take the leap of faith and do what you want.
4444Success is on the way, so when you see these numbers, trust yourself and be strong when faced with obstacles in life.
5555It is a sign that a significant event is going to happen in your life, so expect changes that will push you out of your comfort zone to do something different
6666It serve as a reminder for you to relax and enjoy every moments of their life. It also advice you to establish good relationship with other people.
7777It is a positive sign that you are going the right direction for the recent major decision you have made.
8888Similar to Chinese belief, these numbers are an indication of wealth and abundance. If you are in a financial struggle now, it will end soon.
9999It serve as a reminder to be more compassionate and giving back to the society





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